The Gentleman Bastard’s Series by Scott Lynch


The Gentleman Bastard Series by Scott Lynch

  1. The Lies of Locke Lamora
  2. Red Seas Under Red Skies
  3. Republic of Thieves

What I drank prior: It’s Doctor night, I had a bunch of beers. Watched the season finale and cried a lot.

Spoiler-free Overview:
How do i begin to explain this series. The Gentleman Bastards are a group of theives who plan elaborate schemes and then get themselves into so serious shit. Their fellow thieves start disappearing, the King Thief is getting scared by this person called the Grey King. He’s taken responsibility for the disappeared folk. Locke gets wound up into this mystery and blackmailed into being directly involved. ALSO, we get to see the origin story of the orphan Locke and how he became a Gentleman Bastard by being taken under the wing of a Priest of the Thieves, Father Chains.

I obviously can’t go into more

Spoiler-free Thoughts:

These books are brilliantly bound. Each has its own plot arc but there’s an overarching plot that spans all three books. Its intricate, well planned, well thought out, well developed, and just beautiful.

Characters: I really enjoy these characters. Locke, Jean, the Sansa boys, and Bug make an excellent team of thieves. A well-oiled machine set to steal fortunes from the city’s nobility. Capa Barsavi is a benevolent but also vicious ruler of the underworld. And the Grey King/Bondsmagi are worthy opponents. They are all well developed characters with unique arcs and growth.

However, notice how there are no women I mentioned? That’s because there are no women MCs in the first book. Other problematic shit happens to women in this series which I will vent about in the spoilers. Just know there is problematic content but its not indigestable. In fact, I still love it regardles..

Plot: THe plot builds on itself and is intricate and well written. Locke is one of those #alwaysonestepahead characters and its executed perfectly. They try and continue the scheme while also dealing with a Bondsmage, a magician who can basically make you do anything by knowing your True Name (reminds me of Eragon). Also, the back story is very well done. I was as invested in the past as i was in the “present.”

*****************Spoils Below*****************

Alrighty. So I really loved these books. I loved Calo and Galdo they are my favorite, and I actually cried when they died in book 1. I loved the mystery and the scheming and the Big Bad Bondsmagi. I adored how no matter what, Locke just couldn’t get out of trouble lol.

Book 1:

YO! Why are all the women plot devices? The twin girls were the sisters of the Grey King? Had to die. The daughter of Capa Barsavi? Had to die for the revenge arc. This mystery woman Locke is in love with? Doesn’t show up. The wife of the noble they’re duping? Stupid. All the other women? Hookers. ALL except one. She’s the fucking villain. And not even a formidible one.

However, I really did love this book. It took twists that I was not expecting. The Grey King is VICIOUS. Fucking Vicious. I also really loved the Barsavi carpet story. Like, who thinks of that shit? The mystery of it all was so good. It was unpredictable and I loved it.

Book 2:

I really liked the original scheme in this one and I wanted it to work so badly. How cool was it to cheat at that alcohol game with a powder?? Because they knew their opponent was a gluttonous person (also a woman). Also, the guy who poison’s them? What an actual dick.

But I like the sailing aspect. The Captain (a woman who lives to see the end of the book thank god) is awesome. The First Mate (a woman who again DOESN’T live to see the end of the book) is a brilliant partner for Jean. Poor Jean. He’s usper smart but you’ve got Locke who’s just determined to be a martyr or die for whatever reason. Locke bothered me at the end of this book. Also you have to have a cat and a woman on the boat or its bad luck? Brilliant.

Book 3:

I have so many thoughts on this book. Firstly, I HATE Sabetha. Hate her. With a firey passion of ten thousand suns. What a shit woman. She’s #damaged which makes her #untrusting and #cruel. Uh, did she, or did she not, have the same upbrining as Locke? She came from the same place. Sure, she was raised with men/boys, but girl, calm your tits. I also hate the Bondsmagi Patience. I’m supposed to, but I really just want more than one woman I like who lives. Please?

Thirdly, I loved the game in this haha. It was so relevant considering we just had an election that had weird results. The pranks were super cute. The fact tthey could put aside their love for eachother (which is another thing i disliked – but only because it involved Sabetha) both romantically and platonically, and have it out? How neat is that. Also, this mystery that’s scaring the Magi? Color me interested.
*****************End Spoilers!!!*****************

So…. can anyone tell me when book 4 is coming? I can’t find it on the internet? I need it right now.

Rating: 4/5 Shots

What to pair it with: A great light beer. Like you keep drinking them thinking you’re good and then all of a sudden you’re hammered and you have no idea why.

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: What did you think of Sabetha? Do you enjoy a heist story when you know the plan or when it surprises you?

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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4 thoughts on “The Gentleman Bastard’s Series by Scott Lynch

  1. Great review! I loved this series but your point about women is absolutely spot on. The one female character I liked died! And Sabetha was a giant pain in the arse. I spent two books dying for her to turn up to be quite disappointed in her when she actually did. I guess that’s the risk when you build something up so much!
    Can’t wait to see which direction this series takes. Reckon he’s actually a mage like patience says?


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