DRUNK MOVIE REVIEW: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (book by Jenny Han)

To all the boys i loved before

Guest contributor Alena and I sat down and watched TATBILB, without reading the book:

Summary: unnecessary, this movie has the word of mouth campaign of the year

What we drank: craft Va beer, then white wine, then rose. We are not good Influences on each other.

– satc’s aiden (Editor’s Note: What the fuck does this say??) is a terrible father. Real dads drink scotch, not white wine, and stay FARRRRR away from girl problems. Also why are so many widowers and fathers of teen girls OBGYNs?
– let me explain to you that I watched ALL of PLL, and I adore janel Parrish, but this is some weird casting. She looks much older than Lara Jean, and none of the sisters look remotely related. (Although i watched Shameless recently and those kids dont look alike, although you could make a argument abt paternity, etc etc)
– again, havent read the book, so i dont know how on point the casting for the love interests were, but I wish one were asian (unless that’s not canon, and so then all is forgiven). This might be my crazy rich Asian euphoria haze aftermath talking.

All above comments aside, this movie was squee worthy and im ready to watch it again. This was super adorable happy romcom in a time where a lot of us are sad and frustrated and angry, and Lara Jean has wonderful chemistry with the love interests. I would murder for Lara Jean’s room. And her wardrobe. I cannot wait for the sequel. WE MUST HAVE MODEL UN BOY. Ugh Lara Jean is so adorable and watchable and yet still relatable. I cant even.

What I gave it: 5 love letters (high five self) (but girl why did you address them)

What I would pair it with: peach bellinis, light and fun



7 thoughts on “DRUNK MOVIE REVIEW: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (book by Jenny Han)

  1. Awesome “drunk” review! I absolutely LOVED the netflix movie! I probably have rewatched it 3 times up to this point. All the characters are so on point and I loved how closely the movie paralleled the book!

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  2. I don’t think Lara Jean ever had feelings for an Asian boy, but there are some other diverse features.

    Also Lara Jean’s older sister is supposed to be way older than her. Sorta. IN LJ’s eyes, she was the mother figure who is now in college.

    But the casting was super weird. At least they were Asian? Idk.


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