Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

(Editor’s Note: Parker was on day 3 of a weekend bender. HS reunions, Booze Cruises, Birthday Parties…. He was hammered)

Blake Crouch fucked me all up with Dark Matter. I was hooked from the first chapter and sacrificed sleep, night after (exactly two) night(s) to read as much of it(all of it) as my called for. Dark Matter is a true scifi novel, bringing readers to learn about a science between the covers, but it’s true strength is how it gets you to suspend your disbelief about the fresh learning you just did. plus, there are shootouts and makeouts and hypodermic needles and powerful, suspenseful drama to hold it all together. I love it because we meet characters and care for them deeply, and in the meantime, there are experimental phisics.. It’s satisfying af.

Plot: our man’s Jason is a physics professor in Chicago with a hot artist wife he knocked up 14 years ago their kid is a kid, or something, nbd.. Our Jason is smart but lazy; he chose family over accolades; he luh his family; he’s a good fucking guy or something.. Then he gets like abducted, and funds himself in a world where everyone knows his name.. <··>. as someone else.. The like richest smartest boys besty pushingest physicist of all time. Hilarity ensues

Writing style: Crouch takes us on a goddam worlwhind in this novel. The dialogue and world building both feel razor sharp and real, and they they fit eath other exqusitely. As much as Crouch gives us physics and metaphysics, he serves up punchlines like Serena Williams. The novel is FUNNY. Plus there’s a roughness of tone and in the characters’ personalities that reminds me of my friends and of nhow my friends talk.. Makes for reeeally consumable dialogue.

(Editor’s Note: not actually Spoilers) Spoilers : these are shchrodinger’s spoilers.. As soon as you read them, they disappear.

Pairing : lysergic acid diethylamide tincture in a cream soda.

Rating 4.967/5 shots of macallan single malt whisky, because this was perfect and I knew it, and even if someone does’t know enough to appreciate all the intiricacies that make it such, they’ll get a kick out of the wild ride this novel takes us on.

PS. Also, if you haven’t signed up for #Booziebookathon 2017 on July 22, see our announcement post here.

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