DRUNK REVIEW: Reading Blue Devils by Jon Bennett

Reading Blue Devils by Jon Bennett So ya boy dieter is a teacher and uhhhh he doesn't suck? He's lazy and manipulat(able)ive. Reading Blue Devils is about this mans and a mascot. There’s a number of ways I’m both the right wrong person to read Reading Blue Devils. I’m a former  teacher. I’m Pretty “woke”. … Continue reading DRUNK REVIEW: Reading Blue Devils by Jon Bennett

Booziebookathon 2017 Announcement

ATTENTION FELLOW BOOZIE BOOK LOVERS!!!Will Read for Booze has decided to pull together a 24-hour BoozieBookathon. We're a bunch of drunks (obviously) and we love reading (double-obviously) so we've decided to combine the two into a marathon!Here's the deal - on July 22nd-23rd from 8am-8am EST we're going to be reading, and drinking, and posting, … Continue reading Booziebookathon 2017 Announcement