DRUNK REVIEW: Furysong by Rosaria Munda (The Aurelian Cycle #3)

Furysong by Rosaria Munda (The Aurelian Cycle #3)

Reviewed by Sam!

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What I drank prior: i had such a shit day… so i drank a bottle of wine while watching Scrubs with Parker on FaceTime…

Goodreads Overview:

In this explosive conclusion to the epic trilogy that began with Fireborne, Annie and Lee are fighting for their lives—and for each other—as invading dragonfire threatens to burn their home to the ground.

A new revolution is underway, and nobody will emerge unscathed.

In New Pythos, Griff is facing an execution by the dragonborn, who are furious at his betrayal. He has allies on both sides seeking to defy his fate, but the price of his freedom might come at a dear cost. And Delo will have to make a choice: follow his family, or finally surrender to his conscience.

Meanwhile, Annie must race home to hatch a plan to save her Guardians and their dragons. With Callipolis on the brink of collapse and the triarchy set to be reinstated, she may be the one person who can save the city—if she can overcome her own doubts about her future.

Lee is a revolutionary at heart, but now he’ll have to find a way to fight with diplomacy. Going up against the dragonborn court and a foreign princess, he faces a test of loyalty that sets his head against his heart.

As the fate of Callipolis darkens, Annie and Lee must determine what they are willing to sacrifice in order to save each other, defeat their enemies, and reclaim their home.

Drunk Overview: this is the third book in this series so if you don’t want to be spoiled fo the rest… get out. Otherwise… read on.

So… Annie went over the sea to free the other place from the nobility that were outcast by the revolution. That is so strange isnt it? Like… you were defeated, and in your escape you took over the place you fled to? Ok whatever so Annie is there, and while she’s gone, the other half of the outcasted nobility have taken over the OG land. In a v scary way with v scary dragons and people. Leo is sorta kidnapped but tryna seem like he’s with his old family but who knows… and things happen from there.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: i truly have no idea why this series isn’t more popular. I friggin love it. It sets all the tropes we know in YA on fire and just does what makes the most sense. there’s very little that doesn’t make sense from an adult’s pers[ectve in this book series and i frickin love it.

Characters: ok so we’ve got a couple i wanna talk about.

  • Annie – she’s still such a frucking bad ass. Like, she doesn’t need no man to live her life, but also has a heart. She’s like a normal human and well rounded and smart and i love it Like a lot.
  • Leo – poor Leo. He’s been tossed around like a rag doll, both sides thinking they claim ownership over him but he’s his own person and he’s gotta figure that out. What i love about Leo most is that he doesn’t force choices on Annie. He sort of does once in this book, but i actually don’t hate it because of what happens in other events prior so I’m really not mad. I love Leo.
  • Power – oh em gee this man. I have so many mixed feelings about him from previous books and this one doesn’t help literally AT ALL.
  • Griff – he’s bad ass and also my precious son, do not come for him, i will fight and win.
  • Griff’s bae – is also like Power… I have many mixed feelings still
  • All the other side characters… literally how dare Munda just make them all well rounded and loveable even if they’re technically evil? Literally HOW DARE.

Plot: this was actually perfect. The plot was well paced, it was unpredictable, it was beautiful, and it was NOT NORMAL for a YA series. WHY ISNT THIS MORE WELL KNOWN?!

Writing Style: I love the writing style for this… it feels very post revolution Russian, which is what it’s supposed to be, but the writing is hard to nail and she did it.

World Building: nothing new, but rather it’s new because the world is changing and that’s so fab.

What to pair it with: this is a Moscow mule if i ever read one. Spice and sweet and will FUCK YOU UP if you have too many… My cat loves them too so.

Rating: 4.5/5

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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