DRUNK REVIEW: Home Again by Kristin Hannah

Home Again by Kristin Hannah

Reviewed by GGGinny

What I drank: Pink Whine. With Sam!!!

Goodreads Overview:

Madelaine Hillyard is a world-famous heart surgeon at the top of her game. Her personal life is far less successful. A loving but overworked single mom, she is constantly at odds with her teenage daughter. At sixteen, Lina is confused, angry, and fast becoming a stranger to her mother—a rebel desperate to find the father who walked away before she was born. Complicating matters for Madelaine are the vastly different DeMarco brothers: While priest Francis DeMarco is always ready to lend a helping hand, his brother, Angel, long ago took on the role of bad boy. Years earlier Angel abandoned Madelaine—and fatherhood—to go in search of fame and fortune. His departure left Madelaine devastated, but now he reappears and seeks help from the very people he betrayed—as a patient in dire need. With Home Again, New York Times bestselling author Kristin Hannah has written a moving, powerful novel about the fragile threads that bind together our lives and the astonishing possibility of second chances.

Drunk Overview: Lady gets pregnant at 16 and her baby daddy took $$$ from her dad to leave. He became a big movie star with a movie star lifestyle and needs a heart transplant. She ends up being his cardiologist. But also they have a 16 year old daughter who rebelling and wants to know more about her dad.

Drunk Thoughts: It is so obvious this is one of Hannah’s early books, and not in a good way.

  • This books takes treacley bullshit to an extreme
  • Without going into details, there’s basically a ghost around for half a book…
  • And that ghost dies in the most obvious way…
  • I’m actually bummed at how disappointed I ended up being in this book because I really enjoyed the first half.
  • This book deals with some fantastically complicated familial relationships.
  • The mom who thinks she’s a fuck-up vs the daughter who thinks her mother is perfect and is angry she can’t keep up.
  • There’s also the baby daddy’s brother who happens to be best friends with baby mama and the unofficial dad to the angry teen.
  • Spoiler, there’s a twist in the middle that literally made me roll my eyes.
  • Legit, this movie should be a Hallmark movie and while I love Hallmark movies, I’m not saying that in a good way
  • This book is so textbook “what should happen” that it was disappointing to read every twist and turn.
  • The whole idea that someone takes on the personality traits of an organ they receive from a donor also leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  • As does the idea that someone can completely change in the course of like a month.
  • I’m not saying people can’t change, just that the fantastical elements of this made all of the suddent changes in the “bad boy” personality of the movie star just feel shoe-horned in.
  • Also his name is Angel. Which, oof. I know of a few famous Angel’s but that feels a little too cheesy for a book like this.
  • Okay, so I’ve covered the fact that the plot of this movie was truly basic, followed predictable notes, and was a bit of a tearjerker.
  • I’ve covered that I thought the relationships were interesting (and frankly I think it would have been far more interesting if there wasn’t the mid-book death.)
  • I usually love Kristin Hannah’s books because of the complexity of the relationships and how interesting the plots end up working out.
  • So the fact that the plot was completely predicatable and that the characters became a bit boring was just disappointing.
  • Legit,

What it Pairs With: Moscato. Too Syrupy and not good enough to want to drink again. But you think the vintner can come up with something better

Rating: 2/5. Legit, this book was so rough. i cannot recommend but this author does so many good books that just don’t read this one.

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