DRUNK REVIEW: Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn (Legendborn #2)

Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn (Legendborn #2)

Reviewed by Sam!

Review for Book 1

What I drank prior: Went to Monster Truck show. Pregamed with Truly and vodka soda… then had more at the show… then more at a bar after…

Goodreads Overview:

All Bree wanted was to uncover the truth behind her mother’s death. So she infiltrated the Legendborn Order, a secret society descended from King Arthur’s knights—only to discover her own ancestral power. Now, Bree has become someone new:

A Medium. A Bloodcrafter. A Scion.

But the ancient war between demons and the Order is rising to a deadly peak. And Nick, the Legendborn boy Bree fell in love with, has been kidnapped.

Bree wants to fight, but the Regents who rule the Order won’t let her. To them, she is an unknown girl with unheard-of power, and as the living anchor for the spell that preserves the Legendborn cycle, she must be protected.

When the Regents reveal they will do whatever it takes to hide the war, Bree and her friends must go on the run to rescue Nick themselves. But enemies are everywhere, Bree’s powers are unpredictable and dangerous, and she can’t escape her growing attraction to Selwyn, the mage sworn to protect Nick until death.

If Bree has any hope of saving herself and the people she loves, she must learn to control her powers from the ancestors who wielded them first—without losing herself in the process.

Drunk Overview: so, this review will have spoilers for book 1… if you don’t want those, check out the review for book 1 and then come back here when you’re ready.

So… Bree is Arthur Reborn. The proverbial round table is pretty pissed a black chick is Arthur. But, she’s being prepped to take on the role, when it comes time to take her oath, shit happens and she ends up on the run.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: I liked this one. Not as much as the first one, but I liked it.

Characters: ok, what can I say about the bbs. Bree has a death wish, let me tell you. She just doesn’t listen. I get that she s tryna figure shit out, but like.. babe.. sometimes when people you trust say it’s a bad idea, it’s not… but a lot of times it ks. Nicholas, I’m still supes skeptical about for no reason, and their relationship is still weird. The mage guy is still broody but still actively my fave character. I kinda hate him though for what he did in this. Some of the new characters were cool, but I can’t remember their names or much about them. It’s been a while

Plot: so this one felt so slow. Suffered from second book syndrome and it could have been 100 pages shorter.

Writing Style: I love the way this author writes, extremely descriptive. I could see a lot of it much more clearly than usual.

World Building: we get some interesting new things about magic in this one. Definitely more about root magic but also how the people not governed by the Arthur people. Pretty cool.

What to pair it with: this feels like whiskey… idk why cause I don’t like whiskey all that much and I loved this, but I think it works

Rating: 3.5/5

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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