DRUNK REVIEW: Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

Magic Hour by Kristin Hanna

Reviewed by GGGinny

What I drank: red wine after so much delicious food. Today was the best proper lazy day Ive had in a long time!

Goodreads Overview:

Dr. Julia Cates was one of the country’s preeminent child psychiatrists until a shocking tragedy ruined her career. Retreating to her small western Washington hometown, Julia meets an extraordinary six-year-old girl who has inexplicably emerged from the deep woods nearby—a child locked in a world of unimaginable fear and isolation. To Julia, nothing is more important than saving the girl she now calls Alice. But Julia will need help from others, including the sister she barely knows and a handsome doctor with secrets of his own. What follows will test the limits of Julia’s faith and strength, as she struggles to find a home for Alice . . . and for herself.

Drunk Overview: there are two sisters. One is a small town sherrif, the other a disgraced child psychologist. Suddenly a kid appears out of nowhere Alaska in small town sheriff’s town. Obviously the sister (child psychologist) is the right person to call.

Drunk Thoughts: this book was so gripping

  • To start off, if you liked the book/ movie Room, you will probably enjoy this book.
  • You get a few different perspectives (one of which is less important than the others – but we’ll talk about that later)
  • You learn early that this is has no memory of living in “civilization” and this book has a number of statistics about “feral children”
  • And oh God does it get dark.
  • I feel like a default theme in this book is that the medical profession fails people (specifically people without guardians who care) far too often.
  • Most feral children wound up in mental care facilities abandoned as to much work. Which is where dr. Julia comes in. She makes it get Mission to care for the kid
  • And there are some gorgeous parallels to the patient she felt she had failed.
  • But the way she studies the girl and figures out her past is so fucking cool.
  • I took like two psych classes and college and frankly didnt have the patence for it. But I think the field is fascinating which is probably why U had such a hard time putting this book down.
  • The book does well to focus on Julia because her story is so much about regaining confidence after catastrophe.
  • The sister Ellie isnt quite as compelling. Her story is more about what I like to call “peripheral understanding” or basically paying attention to the impact you have on the world and people around you.
  • I think her story is interesting because women are often trained (by society) to consider those impacts and thinking about the background of someone who doesnt do that is cool.
  • But as someone who has struggled with overthinking about the impact O have I kind of wanted to scream “oh get over yourself” sometimes
  • Then again, Ive heard the phrase “if youre mad at the character it’s goodbwriting, if youre mad at the author its bad writing” so I guess this is good writing.
  • Still, I could have used less of the perspective.
  • At this point its clear I like a romance novel, but I almost felt like it took away from the main story which was a platonic love story about parenthood and being a sibling
  • Which leads me to a strong point that the ending felt too perfect
  • Dont get me wrong, I was happy with the perfect ending. But this book had so much tension and it waz solved so quickly that it felt like a bit of a let down.
  • Part of this is due to a twist that felt like it was ripped out of headlines (Full disclosure, I liked the twist – I just don’t think it was utilized to the full extent)
  • Goodness, I have so many thoughts about this book.
  • And I hope it comes through that I thoroughly enjoyed it
  • I read through years for about 30 pages
  • And it was cathartic as fuck.
  • The epilogue was also set in the right time period (i.e. not too far in the future)
  • This point isn’t just about this book, but Kristin Hannah writes books that deal with the depth of families being fucked up and how shitty things can bring people back together and Ive just really enjoyed her books.

What it Pairs With: a nice sipping whiskey, lots of depth, plenty of smokiness, and slightly medicinal


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