DRUNK REVIEW: Lightbringer by Claire Legrand (Empirium #3)


Lightbringer by Claire Legrand

Reviewed by Sam!

What I drank prior: I’ve done two power hours with not-beer but liquor and wine. The capitol was sieged yesterday… and while that was something everyone watched on the news, it was within 5 miles of me. So I’m drunk and I have been for more than 24 hours.

Goodreads Overview:

The incredible conclusion to the trilogy that started with the instant New York Times bestsellers Furyborn and Kingsbane!

In this epic finale to the Empirium Trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Claire Legrand, two queens, separated by a thousand years must face their ultimate destinies.

Queen Rielle, pushed away from everything she loves, turns to Corien and his promises of glory. Meanwhile, whispers from the empirium slowly drive her mad, urging her to open the Gate. Separated from Audric and Ludivine, she embraces the role of Blood Queen and her place by Corien’s side, determined to become the monster the world believes her to be.

In the future, Eliana arrives in the Empire’s capital as a broken shell of herself. Betrayed and abandoned, she fights to keep her power at bay—and away from Corien, who will stop at nothing to travel back in time to Rielle, even if that means destroying her daughter.

But when the mysterious Prophet reveals themselves at last, everything changes, giving Rielle and Eliana a second chance for salvation—or the destruction their world has been dreading.

Drunk Overview: This is the last book in a trilogy so if you haven’t read the first two, what the hell are you doing here? So…. go away.

They gone? ok. So, Eliana was captured by ass-face and Rielle went to ass-face because Audric was s dick. Literally that’s the synopsis.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: This wasn’t as satisfying as i wanted it to be. I don’t know if you remember but I was so emotionally upset after the second book and this one didn’t use that the way it should have. My pain should have been fuel for this book and it wasn’t.

Characters: OK….

  • Remi – oh my sweet summer child, you shouldn’t have had to live what you did and I love you…
  • N… Nsoanddo (editor’s note: what the hell?) – i swear i know who i’m talking anout – the bff princess lady – she should have had more of an impact but like… WHAT?! nothing she did mattered and that pisses me off…
  • Simon – I refuse to discuss him. REFUSE. Ok but if I did discuss him, i would talk about how I liked that we had this whole bit about where he stands to think about for the literal entirety of the book? THE WHOLE BOOK
  • Eliana – Damn
  • Rielle – Damn
  • Audric – I feel real bad for this innocent.
  • Ludvine – Also feel bad for this innocent.
  • Corien – What. A. Villain.

Plot: This was so slow comparatively. Honestly there were like 150 pages in the middle here where nothing really mattered. It was chess piece movement that didn’t even add that much value at all. You know… a lot of stories are like “this person is gonna walk over here so they’re in the right spot to get to the final battle” and while that’s not super exciting, it’s relevant. We have chess piece bits, but THEY WERE 150 PAGES OF MOVEMENT when it could have been like 8. So slow. The end also was anticlimactic. Sorry not sorry.


Also, I think Eliana got the short end of the stick. Like, where did she go? Did seh just disappear? I just wanted more closure

Writing Style: Only Claire can make me so invested in characters I don’t give a flying fuck about (anymore) but she does.

World Building: Uh.. We were thrown like zero extra things. We needed like 20% more filler of the world for us to feel satisfied with the end and we didn’t really get that. We already had a big lie we were expected to believe (Corien over time) and then… we get this. Idk… I’m just upset with this book as a whole.

FOr a series that I adored, and talked about incesantly, and in some cases forced others to read, i’m pretty upset with how it ended. But also…. it ended well enough.

What to pair it with: Gin. You have no idea which Sam you’re gonna get when she has gin so….

Rating: 3/5

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

4 thoughts on “DRUNK REVIEW: Lightbringer by Claire Legrand (Empirium #3)

  1. I’m so glad I read this review instead of the actual third book. xD This made me laugh so hard. I loved the first book in this series, but I really disliked the second one, so I probably won’t pick up the third. “N… Nsoanddo” made me laugh so hard, but then I realized that I actually don’t remember that character’s name, either, so Nsoanddo it is. *shrug* I do want to read more Claire Legrand books because I think she has a fabulous writing style, but your review pretty much solidified that this one isn’t one of them.

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