Sam’s 2022 Wrap Up and 2023 Goals

Hey all!

Alrighty friends, I hope you all had a good year. I was thinking about my year and while these last few weeks have been atrocious, overall it was a good year. I had so much fun. I visited Parker and adopted him a cat, visited Ginny her her graduation, many many brunches, went to ALA and WorldCon, a couple weddings, a cabin trip, new friends, and much more.

I will say that I had a lot of disappointments and while I felt consistently surrounded by friends, I found myself more lonely than I thought I would while I was going through it.

Anyway, let’s see how I did and then what I want to do.

2022 Reading Goals:

  • Read 70 books. Hahahahahaha. I read even less than last year. But it’s the 3rd and I’ve already read two books so… let’s keep that trend. I read 48
  • Review 50 books. I reviewed all but 2 books I read, so I did what I think is my best.
  • Read what you own. I did this! I read 66% books that I own. Woohoo!
  • Get back in to the community. Not as much in the beginning of the year but I’ve been back in it in the latter half of the year.

2022 Personal Goals:

  • Stop being a potato. I decided that 2022 was the year of yes. I did all the things. Maybe not physically healthy things but I got off my ass. I became inseparable from two (then three) friends who all live in a 4 block radius from me. It was great
  • Get work back under control. I did and I didnt. I felt more balanced, and I started working for this promotion that didn’t come through when I wanted, but there’s another chance soon. I decided to say fuck it and when I didn’t have meetings/work to do, I was reading… so… totally fine.

2023 Reading Goals

  • Read 52 books. Let’s see if I can actually achieve a book a week this year… last year I couldn’t do that.
  • Review 90% of the books I read. For reasons… we may not be able to continue with 2 reviews per week. Linz and Parker are remaining on hiatus and we may have another. So I’m committed to bringing as much content as we can.
  • Read what you own. This one I did so well on, I want to continue.
  • Finish/catch up on series. I did the math, and in order to catch up on all my open series I have 35 books to read. Which is entirely doable, tbh. This one has been so fulfilling that I think that’s why I’ve started to pick up the pace of my reading.

2023 Personal Goals

  • Balance savings and fun. Since 2022 was the year of yes, my wallet got realllllly angry. So that when I had some unexpected large expenses, it hurt. So I’m going to be a bit more restrained and get over my FOMO.
  • Cook! Dammit Sam… you love cooking, just do it more. I started doing dinner parties sort of and it’s been so fun. I want to do it once a month. And only order takeout once a week.

Let’s keep this going! Have a great 2023!

Hobey ho!

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,


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