DRUNK REVIEW: Rule by Ellen Goodlett


Rule by Ellen Goodlett

**We picked up a copy of this at BookCon and we’d like to thank the publisher and Ellen for the opportunity to to read this in exchange for an honest review**

What I drank prior: Happy hour with my friends, all liquor, little to no food. I am super hammered.

Spoiler-free Overview: In this fantasy world, three lower class girls are suddenly taken from their homes to the castle and find out that they are the bastard children of the king. The king’s heir has died and now one of them will be fuckin chosen to be the heir to the throne. Our main ladies, Zofi, Ren, and the one who’s name starts with A, are thrust into court life each with their own secrets and backstories. La La stuff happens, plots insue…. ya.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: Ok so I wanted to like this. I really like the idea of competing to be the heir, it gets rid of the whole “gotta be the oldestttttt” thing from our history that I hate. HOWEVER, like I said, each of these ladies all have a secret. They’re all being blackmailed by someone and THEY ALL THINK ITS ONE OF THE SISTERS. It’s like… reading the same story in three different ways with three different secrets. Add some nuance folks.

Characters: The cast is quite diverse which I love, but again, the characters all have the same experience when they get to court. All get the same type of blackmail “i know your secret GASP” and they just fall flat. How great would it be if they just… idk… didn’t. There was potential, their backstories are all really great. But nothing different happens to them once they get to court, like… it was quite frustrating.

Plot: The first 2/3 of this book was a chore to read. I enjoyed the first bit until i realized how repetitive it was. I did like the last third though. Seeing the repetitive plot lines merge together and then it became a real whodunnit story. I liked the last part. Truly.

World Building: I think the magic system in this is pretty great. It’s blood magic but it’s pretty cool. I think the world has SUPER potential.

What to pair it with: bud light. it’s the same, every time.

Rating: 2.5/5 Shots

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: What’s your favorite compete for the throne story?

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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