Welcome to me

Hi everyone,

This is my chance for a get to know you post. Apparently drunk me sint’a particularly loquacious but really likes showing off the SAT vocabularly I built up for the test and then practically never used. Eclectic, aphrodisiac, homonym, fuck it I’m done, cause it’s late and whether I liked it or not I’m an old person now at 24 and I have to go to work tomorrow morning.

I’m the resident reader of practically everything. I know that Sam tends to stay in Sci-fi and Fantasy but at any given time my to-read list will have all of that plus biographies and histories (Erik Larson is a great way to get into non-fiction history if you want a way in, he’s amazing). I’ll pretty much read anything if it looks interesting. Unless it’s poetry, I have no patience for poetry.

Beyond that, I think that Sam covered most of the basic of this blog.  We’ll get trashed and write posts; explain what kind of drink that book was like, how many shots our of five, etc, etc. 

That pretyt much covers it.  Hopefully we’ll start to have book reviews up by next week. Untill then, don’t drink what I did to write this post (it was a combination of SoCo, Amaretto and Cranberry Juice, I promise I didn’t amke it up, the Mixology app apparently has bad taste).

Happy Drinking,

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