DRUNK REVIEW: Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell (Simon Snow #3)

Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell (Simon Snow #3)

Reviewed by Sam!

What I drank prior: so many trulys. Like so many.

Goodreads Overview:

In Carry On, Simon Snow and his friends realized that everything they thought they understood about the world might be wrong. And in Wayward Son, they wondered whether everything they understood about themselves might be wrong.

In Any Way the Wind Blows, Simon and Baz and Penelope and Agatha have to decide how to move forward.

For Simon, that means deciding whether he still wants to be part of the World of Mages — and if he doesn’t, what does that mean for his relationship with Baz? Meanwhile Baz is bouncing between two family crises and not finding any time to talk to anyone about his newfound vampire knowledge. Penelope would love to help, but she’s smuggled an American Normal into London, and now she isn’t sure what to do with him. And Agatha? Well, Agatha Wellbelove has had enough.

Any Way the Wind Blows takes the gang back to England, back to Watford, and back to their families for their longest and most emotionally wrenching adventure yet.

This book is a finale. It tells secrets and answers questions and lays ghosts to rest.

Carry On was conceived as a book about Chosen One stories; Any Way the Wind Blows is an ending about endings. About catharsis and closure, and how we choose to move on from the traumas and triumphs that try to define us.

Drunk Overview: so this is the third book in this series so if you haven’t read the first two… I mean you’re fine cause the only spoiler I can give that could possibly matter is that Simon has wings he can’t get rid of. And honestly… if you haven’t read book 1 that means nothing so here we are.

Basically Simon is stressy depressy because of his situation and Baz only wants to help. Penelope has her human that she wants but literally refuses to admit. There are people disappearing the end.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: honestly nothing can compare to book 1 but this was def better than 2

Characters: I feel like Rainbow wanted you to feel a lot of character development but when you think about it, there’s not a lot that happens there. More just revealing feelings rather than growing. Not to say that’s not growth it’s just not as significant a change as I wanted. I do like the new-ish relationship between Penelope and the boy. It’s cute.

Plot: this is where I’m like “ok this is better than 2” cause we actually have some plot here. There’s a mystery that I don’t hate at all and the magic is relevant to the emotions the characters are going through which I like a lot.

World Building: nothing new here

What to pair it with: rose in a can. Yummy but basic

Rating: 2/5

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

2 thoughts on “DRUNK REVIEW: Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell (Simon Snow #3)

  1. I’ve been debating if I even want to pick this third book up. I loved Carry On but the second one was meh, and I don’t know if I care enough to bother picking up the third – I’d almost rather just think of Carry On as a standalone! Your review was great though, thanks for sharing!

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