DRUNK REVIEW: Deep Roots by Nick Sullivan

Deep Roots ebook FINAL

Deep Roots by Nick Sullivan

**We received an advanced copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. We’d like to thank Nick for the opportunity. This book came out on May 11th and you can get it here**

Reviewed by Sam!

Her reviews for Deep Shadow and Deep Cut

What I drank prior: Today is wild. It’s Bookconline, so we started with mimosas. And then it was book club where we talked about Gideon the Ninth, and we had more mimosas and wine. And THEN the Dragon Test 2 SpaceX mission launch. The first manned space flight from US soil in 9 years and it was successful and I cried and then drank more. The plan later today is to watch movies, but I’m drunk now so thought I’d get this done before I lose my drunkieness…

Goodreads Overview:

In the mangroves of Belize, something ancient lies hidden beneath the roots. And when it surfaces, so too will one of man’s baser inclinations. The root of all evil: GREED.

Boone Fischer and Emily Durand have enjoyed months of quiet on the tiny island of Caye Caulker. After surviving Hurricane Irma and a mountaintop madman, the two divemasters have finally begun to relax. Big mistake.

Following on the fins of the best-selling thrillers Deep Shadow and Deep Cut, this third Caribbean action-adventure thriller in The Deep Series takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of Belize. From the offshore cayes to distant lagoons, from tropical rivers to jungle ruins lost in time, Boone and Emily race to untangle themselves from a deadly plot that threatens to shatter their lives.

“High adventure under pressure! Nobody does underwater action like Nick Sullivan.” – Cap Daniels, author of the Chase Fulton Series.

Drunk Overview: This is book 3 in the Deep series. I’ve reviewed both books prior (links above) and I was stoked to get Nick’s email asking if I wanted book 3. I was like…. FUCK YES… but then I calmly wrote back “absolutely, of course.” These books are set in beach towns basically with lots of scuba stuff. Boone and Emily are scuba instructors and this time, we’re in Belize. Boonemily (lol) have a knack for getting involved in some crazy shit. I don’t want to spoil the first two, but they REALLY need therapy (which they are getting). They stumble across a dead body and all of a sudden there are a bucnh of wild, seemingly unrelated, weird shit starts happening. 

Spoiler-free Thoughts: The thing about htese books are that you literally can’t predict where they’re going. Seriously. There’s absolutely no way you think one thing is going to connect to the actual thing and the whodunnit is always crazy. Every damn time.

Characters: These characters are bae. Emily is a GEM and I sorta want to be here. I want her wit and her kind heart. Boone is my husband. He is incredibly smart, but he also basically does nothing for himself, only for others. Both of these characters went through some scary ass shit in the last book and if I were them, I’d get the hell out of dodge too. They literally can’t catch a break. I also LOVED my side characters in this book. I’m drunkenly forgetting their friend’s name… starts with an R. Ras maybe? (Sober Editor’s Note: Well done, Drunk Sam). HE IS THE BEST. His character isn’t really well rounded, like I don’t know anything about him other than he’s a fab friend to Boone and Emily, but I loved him. He also gave them a couple name… Boonemily.

Plot: This one was a bit slower than the previous ones/ Instead of having a bunch of intense things happening all the time like the others, this one built on itself. Boy were they lucky. These kids have to go to like… Montana… or soemthing to escape all the crazy. 

What to pair it with: This one pairs with a daiquiri. And not like one of those frozen sweet things. I’m talkin the liquor drink that is tart and hits you in the face.

Rating: 4/5 shots

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,


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