GUEST DRUNK REVIEW: Glitter by Aprilynne Pike

Glitter by Aprilynne Pike

So in the future a US tech company buys Versailles and established a new world version of the historic court. A 17yo girl is engaged to the “king”/CEO of the new Versailles, and is trying to make money and escape by selling a drug at court called “Glitter.”

Nope. I had high hopes for this book (mostly based off the cover) because I do not like to learn from my mistakes. And surprise surprise it didn’t live up to the hype.

The stupid thing is I read the hell out of this book but I just couldn’t get invested. I literally cannot remember the name of the protag, that’s how not invested I felt. I mean, she’s a goddamn drug dealer in a modern Versailles that sounds COOL. But I still can’t remember her name.

Spoilers, sweetie——————————–

And surprise, the king is a bag of dicks and the protag instead falls in lust for a hot commoner. And the explanation for how this king’s family got Versailles is BAFFLING. I’m left I read, and I think I only finished bc I’ve already not finished so many books this year.

End spoilers——————————————

Oh and Jesus mary and Joseph the protag is SO in AWE of all these young men around her, and how POWERFUL they are and isn’t it amazing they’re so YOUNG? Yes. It is literally unbelievable that a 19yo male is the successful CEO of this insanely large corporation, especially given his very dark sexual proclivities… oh my god I’m describing 50 shades of grey. Maybe I don’t like this book because of how much I didn’t like that book?

I’m actually mad I’m writing a review because this book was so berf.

2 out of 5 Glitter pots. The descriptions of the Versailles court were fun and I got the protag’s desperation and motivation but mehhhhhhhhh.

Pairing: Andre champagne… champagne deserves better but there it is.

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