Sam’s 2020 Wrap Up and 2021 Goals

Hey all!

So, as all of you know… 2020 has been a DUMPSTER FIRE. There have been a couple great things that have happened and a couple not so great ones. All in all, I can say that my reading year was terrible. I think it’s because I lost my commute, which was 40 dedicated minutes of reading every day. But I could be making excuses.

Good things were that I got a lot of travel out of the way before COVID. Visited one of my best friend’s new kid, went to ALA Mid-Winter in Philly, visited Parker at school, and went to Florida to visit Disney, HP World, AND see another rocket launch. Which was awesome. I also did yoga every day for over 100 days straight. I stopped the “every day” thing because pain, but I was pretty proud of myself. I also got a new kitty =) She’s amazing. I also NAILED my personal goals so let’s get on with the wrap up shall we?

2020 Bookish Goals:

  1. Read 70 books. This is the first time in a long time I haven’t hit my goal. I almost did… I’m at 67 as of Dec 21st, so maybe I can hit it if I focus.. which is tough
  2. Review 50 books. Got 54… nailed it.
  3. Participate in more readathons. I helped co-host all of this year’s Tome Topples and did April’s Magical Readathon. I was going to do August but then JK decided to hit my tolerance limit. I hope that G comes up with an alternative because I LOVE that readation.
  4. DNF more. Uh… I think I put down like two books? Maybe three? But I also didn’t read many bad books so I’m good with it.

2020 Personal Goals:

  1. Buy the damn condo. I DID IT!!! I love my place, so so much.
  2. Get promoted. NAILED IT! Though, what I said was “so I don’t have so much work to do” and that is so laughable I can’t even handle it. I went from having 3 direct reports to 13 and 1 project to 5 so…. that’s hilarious.
  3. Get my anxiety under control. Ah ha.. Ah hahaha. Ah hahahahahahahahahahaha.

So since 2020 sucked, let’s try again with 2021? Since I know that we’ll be in this telework, quarantine, stay-at-home posture for at LEAST 6 more months, I’m going to be a bit easier on myself.

2021 Bookish Goals:

  1. Read 70 books. This was considered “low” this year, but I think it’s reasonable next year.
  2. Review 50 books. That one I think I can handle.
  3. Give myself a break when it comes to ARCs. So, I won’t be getting very many because we won’t have ALA or Bookcon, we still get a great opportunity from NetGalley. I used to put immense pressure on myself to read them early and review in advance of publication. I’m going to try and get rid of that stress by doing two things. One, stop requesting them so much and two, relax my standards a bit. As long as it’s close to publication, that’s all a girl can ask for.
  4. Get back in to the community. I have fallen off the social media and blogger-verse train and I will get back on. I will.

2021 Personal Goals

  1. Do what you have to do to stay healthy. Both physically and mentally. Take breaks, walks, watch TV, stay at home. But I also know myself. I know that if I isolate too much I will spiral. Getting Nona was a good start, but I will also be relaxing a bit with COVID restrictions. Mostly because I trust the people that I would see and not in small part because the risk of my mental health deterioration is just as high as my getting COVID. I have to weight them both. (Disclaimer: That doesn’t mean I’m going to house parties or anything, it just means that I will say ‘yes’ a bit more to seeing folks in person than I have)
  2. ^That’s it.^

Now with all that. Fuck you, 2020. I’ll see you in hell. Let’s pray to the gods that 2021 is a bit better.

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,


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