DRUNK REVIEW: Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire

beneath the sugar sky

Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire

What I drank prior:
I’m hanging out with Sam watching the Olympics and drinking way too much Rose.  It’s kind of my perfect evening really

Spoiler-free Overview:

Anybody who knows me know that I love this every heart a doorway series.  There’s something about reading about everyone who has come back from a fairytale world that fills me with such joy.  Okay, so this book, this book is kind of perfect. We are back at the home for wayward children when the (spoiler alert) child of a character killed in the first book drops into a pond on the grounds.  She convinces a group that they need to and CAN save her mother (the character that died).  A group of students made up of some old favorites i.e. Kade and Christopher (the boy with the skeleton princess) as well as some new faces like Cora and Sumi’s daughter, Rini.  They go into a variety of different worlds, get to visit Nancy, etc all in their quest to bring Sumi back to life.

Spoiler-free Thoughts:
This series is pretty much my favorite thing at the moment.  Watching characters, old and new, explore these worlds was so much fun.  I love the way that Seanan Mcguire describes things and people, though I’m sure I’ll cover more of that later.  I love that this book has a mix of school life and the different fantasty worlds.  As always, there is a breadth of diversity written in a way that doesn’t feel forced. Even better the fantasty worlds for the people who don’t fit the ‘idea’ (as and fyi, Cora is definitley on the pudgey-ier side of things) the worlds are the perfect ones for them.

Characters:  There was a healthy mix of people who were already understood, as well as new characters.  The personality mix was a good matcha nd I am 100% in love with Chrisopther as a character, with his unique point of view.  The thing that I loved was the way the different characters interacted with the different fantasy worlds.  Everyone has their ‘perfect match’ which also means other worlds wouldn’t work for them, watching the characters have to deal with a land that didn’t suit them was absolutely gorgeous.

Plot: In this case I’m not sure what to write here.  The plot goes where you might expect but winds it’s way through a few places in ways that, at the very least, I didn’t expect.

Writing Style: As always, I am not the person to talk to if you want details about writing styles.  If you gave me prompts I could probably fill something in, but writing style is never incredibly important to me unless something is blatantly amazing or blatantly bad…

Spoilered Review: If you haven’t read the previous books and want to (which you should) or want to read this book, please skip the rest of this paragraph. 

I loved Rini dropping through the portal.  I loved the visit to Nancy’s world, and having a chance to see her in her element.  I was suprised at who decided to stay in that world as a sacrifice.  I loved Christopher’s contributions to literally everything.  And the baker in the Sumi/Rini world was absolutley perfect.  I love the fact that she was so adamanta about nobody tryhing to find her in the off chanc eit would keep her from finding her world.  Because the history of that world and the various baker’s who took control was fantastic.  It was such a beautiful end, to have Sumi resurrected with her friends to return to schol with the confidence that she would find her way back to her world and od what was needed.  It re,inded me so much of the first book when, after all of the carnage, we learned about all of the doors of the students who had died.  I still have vivid memories of the girl with teh spider eyes and her door in her room at home, and this made that feel less tragic in some way.

****End Spoilers****

What to pair it with: I’m not sure, but in honor of the book and it’s title it has to have whipped pinacle.  It’s either a jello shot with a whipped pinnacle chaser or just hot chocolate with whippped pinnacle.

Seanan McGuire what to pair it with and she said this

Which is kind of perfect.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

COMMENT DOWN BELOW:  I loved loved loved this book, agree with me?  Let me know.  Don’t agree with me?  Feel free to argue with me in the comments, I will answer.

Enjoy a drink and Enjoy a book,


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