DRUNK REVIEW: The Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke

The Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke

Reviewed by GGGinny

What I drank: wine. And man, I dont know what to say about this book other than Ive thought about parts of the ending like crazy.

Goodreads Overview:

A dark standalone YA fantasy about a band of mercenary girls in search of female glory.

Frey, Ovie, Juniper, and Runa are the Boneless Mercies—girls hired to kill quickly, quietly, and mercifully. But Frey is weary of the death trade and, having been raised on the heroic sagas of her people, dreams of a bigger life.

When she hears of an unstoppable monster ravaging a nearby town, Frey decides this is the Mercies’ one chance out. The fame and fortune of bringing down such a beast would ensure a new future for all the Mercies. In fact, her actions may change the story arc of women everywhere. 

Drunk Overview: Frey is a Boneless Mercy (basically a paid mercy killer) and she and her band are ready to leave that life. They decide to take out a monster thats been terrorizing a far away village to get the $$$ to start their lives anew.

Drunk Thoughts: like I said, parts of this book have stuck with me.

  • This book reads like a fairytale, but without the remove. Which os helped by the tales the different mercies tell over the book.
  • Rhis book has multiple gods, sea witches, a mud witch, and feels fairly slavic to me.
  • And I kind of want to live with sea witches (except I dont like seafood which would be a problem).
  • Frey, the main charactrr, is so interesting, especially in constrast with the other characters: Juniprr (a sea witch), Ovie (missing and eye and usually quiet), and Runa (a professional pain in the ass)
  • When you finally learn backstories theyre all really unique and I felt them deeply. Liek I felt pain foe them at the back of my sternum.
  • This might be an odd comparison, but this book is what I hoped Spinning Silver by Naomo Novik was going to be.
  • This book plays with various expectations in fun ways.
  • It also olayed with vliches and foreshadowing in a way that could be dangerous.
  • And yet, even though I had expectatioms, this book still hit hard
  • I think my favorite conversation was between Frey and the giant. There’s and understanding that monstrosity can come from anywhere.
  • The world building was pretty fun. Its always interesting to place anworld in a time where certain traditions start to die.
  • Butnit cam be fascinating to see how and what comes next.
  • But the variety of gods and goddesses was really interesting. As were the customs that were mentioned here and there.
  • This book did a good job of gicing scope too. Trips werent over in a day. And it was clear when it took time.
  • While there was some epic bleakness in this world it felt full and vibrant in a way that I could picture myself there

What I’d Pair it With: fireball. They often gave their kills a sip of alcohol to keep them warm. And fireball fits that bill.

Rating: 4.5/5

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