DRUNK REVIEW: Tricks for Free by Seanan McGuire (InCryptid #7)

Tricks for free

Tricks for Free by Seanan McGuire (InCryptid #7)

By Ginny

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What I drank prior: beer, cider, wine. We’ve started “virtual happy hours,” if you had asked me my opinion on a virtual happy hour a month ago I would have laughed. But jow I enjoy them.

Goodreads Overview:

Penance, noun:
1. Punishment for past actions.
2. An attempt to pay for what can’t be bought.
3. See also “exile.”

Antimony Price is on the run. With the Covenant on her tail and her family still in danger, she needs to get far, far away from anyone who might recognize her—including her own mice. For the first time in a long time, a Price is flying without a safety net. Where do you go when you need to disappear into a crowd without worrying about attracting attention? An amusement park, of course.

Some people would call Lowryland the amusement park. It’s one of the largest in Florida, the keystone of the Lowry entertainment empire…but for Annie, it’s a place to hide. She’s just trying to keep her head down long enough to come up with a plan that will get her home without getting anyone killed. No small order when she’s rooming with gorgons and sylphs, trying to placate frustrated ghosts, and rushing to get to work on time.

Then the accidents begin. The discovery of a dead man brings Annie to the attention of the secret cabal of magic users running Lowryland from behind the scenes. They want the fire that sleeps in her fingers. They want her on their side. They want to help her—although their help, like everything else, comes with a price.

No plan. Minimal backup. No way out. Annie’s about to get a crash course in the reality behind the pretty facade. If she’s lucky, she’ll survive the experience.

Drunk Overview: Antimony, who is on the run decides to work T the second happiest place on earth (clearly andisney knockoff) because the amount of people will disguise her magic and trick people wanting to find her (both her family and the evil cabal of monster hunters). She find cryptid roommates and an obviously weird coven(?) Of magic users. Suddenly shit is going wrong at the park and people start dying… I wonder why…

Spoiler-free Thoughts: certain things about this book were a little too obvious. But boy did this book feel good. I gelt like this was the book where Antimony started to take charge of her own life (albeit in an “Im running away from my prpblems” kind of way)

Characters: Antimony continues to be a fun character. As a younger (but not youngest) sibling, I understand the need to be independent and she tries so hard for this. But the beautiful thing about family (found and genetic) is that in so maby cases they will be there for you whether or not you can as for help. Aunt Mary, the crossroads ghost, and Antimony’s roommates are great. There are thoughts about giving away secret identities/races/powers that is superntied into consent and beautifully handled. The surprise ofnSam showing up was genuine excitement (I love how many of the characters in this series have sokid romances and drama whete the romance isn’t the cause of the drama). The coven of magic users isnt super explored which I think could have added or taken something away from the book. I’ll get into that more in plot. But this book is where Abtimony started feeling like more than just the little sister. Which is fair. Sibling dynamics can be hard and when so much is built up around being the different one, it can be hard to come up with a personality that isnyour own

Plot: the big bad felt ablittle obvious. From the first into I was like “okay, here are the bad guys.” That being said this book still managed to be epically fun. From the way luck was veing stolen, to a quasi-race on a roller coaster, to Antimony’s high school friend(?) This book had twists and turns that were marvellous. It was less about trying to figure out who was the bad guy anf more figuring oit how the duck they made it wirk.

Writing Style: i dont know, good? Seanan McGuire has this way of writing that draws you in. The details are there but so subtlety mentioned thay yoj dont realize something is important until three books later.

World building: lowryland feels full. Building a disney knockoff could be something that could wreak a book. But McGuire clearly knows her shit. Theres enough similar stuff and enough wildly different stuff that Lowryland feels both faniliar and new.

What to pair it with: Jolly rancher cosmopolitan.

Rating: 5/5 Shots

– Ginny

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