Top Ten Tuesday: Authors with a Fun Social Media Presence


Whatsup! Starting this out, this list is going to be skewed towards twitter, because Instagram and Facebook and whatever other social media authors might be on just aren’t quite my thing.

Keep in mind this list comes in no particular order:

  • John Scalzi (@scalzi): Not only is this man a delightful sci-fi author, but he is great to follow online. Whether it’s pictures of his cats, pictures of his wife, or pictures of the truly ridiculous “burritos” he’s eating that day, John Scalzi almost always puts a smile on my face.
  • Samantha Shannon (@say_shannon): I recently read Priory of the Orange Tree which is very long but well worth it, and decided it was time to follow her. She has a wry sense of humor and while there’s plenty about books on there, there are just as many tweets about her day to day life.
  • Courtney Milan (@courtneymilan): First off, she’s been at the heart of everything going on with the RWA mostly because they decided to be useless racist pieces of shit… But seeing it unfiltered from her perspective has been fascinating. Also she is delightfully into competitive figure skating and while it’s not my thing, I’ve really enjoyed her excitement about all of the qualifiers and whatnot.
  • Cat Sebastian (@CatSWrites): Yes, this is romance author number two. But Cat gives fantastic book suggestions and is at least partially responsible for some of the pictures of attractive people that come across my timeline. She’s also one of those people that occasionally posts the AITA threads and the ones she posts are usually awe-inspiringly interesting.
  • Bree (@mostlybree): I don’t even read her books. At least, I haven’t yet though I would like to at some point. Bree is incredibly outspoken, often posts pictures of her pups, and lives out in the middle of nowhere (she constantly talks about the fact that she can’t get any food delivered because she lives in the boonies and I can’t even understand how that could be possible) which means I think her perspective on a number of things is really interesting.
  • Imani Gandy & Jessica Mason Pieklo (@AngryBlackLady and @Hegemommy) This one might not count because they’re authors but like journalists. They write a blog and do a podcast covering the supreme court. They’re ridiculously smart and help keep me in the loop on what’s happening in the world.
  • Dr. Malka Older (@m_older): First off, she’s just a fantastic person. Her books are speculative and she has the experience to make everything that is technically speculative feel incredibly down to earth. She also knows what seems like every language and is constantly bringing things to my attention in the world that I don’t think I would have learned about otherwise.
  • Delilah Dawson (@DelilahSDawson): Okay, I just love her twitter. She writes poems from the perspective of her dog, or about star wars lore, or best of all, advice to writers on whatever subject she feels like. Just in general she seems like chaotic good.
  • Seanan McGuire (@seananmcguire): This should be self explanatory. I just love her. Her books are amazing and she constantly talks about D&D, life as a queer and disabled woman, travel, and her cats. So many of the authors I enjoy are authors who have expanded the way that I think about the world and she has definitely done that.
  • N.K. Jemisin (@nkjemisin): This woman, She’s just a complete badass. That’s it.

Do you think I missed someone important? Let me know!

Hugs, Kisses, Drinks, and Books!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Arsty Reader Girl. Check out their blog for topics and such.

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