The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

What I drank prior: Lots of tequila and lots of beer.

Spoiler-free Overview:
So much like Mask of Shadows there’s a kid, Azoth, who’s a street rat like Aladdin and he gets taken under the wing of Durzo Blint, The Best assassin in all the land. He integrates himself into court life, tries to learn, things happen.

Spoiler-free Thoughts:
Listened to this on audio. Great narrator. I was hoping this would be as great as Weeks’s Lightbringer series. An EXCELLENT fcuking fantasy story that easily makes the top 5 series list. But it wasnt.

Characters: I liked growing up with Azoth. While he’s an assassin (a buzz word for me if you haven’t figured hat out yet) he’s also kinda a little bitch. He angsty. He horny. He a typical teenager. Durzo is an interesting guy. The lady friend is also #angsty and #horny but she’s a good supporting character. She’s strong despite her past.

Plot: To say this is a character driven story is an understatement. We met Azoth when he was like… 8… the book ends with him at 18… not much happens except that we see him grow. We see him learn. We form bonds with the characters. And the last couple chapters shit goes down. Real hard. But it was good.

Writing Style: I really do like Brent Weeks’s writing. He knows how to keep my attention. He ain’t flowery but he gets the job done. And well.

World Building: I don’t… know much about it… except what was told to us in the last couple chapters. But I’ve been told enough to keep me happy and interested in continuing.

What to pair it with: Beer. A wheat beer. It’s good but not great. Ya know?

Rating: 3/5 Shots. Good, but it ain’t no Lightbringer.

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: Should I continue with the series??

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

7 thoughts on “The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

  1. Cool review, rating and blog name! 🙂 “He angsty. He horny. He a typical teenager” made me smile more than it should have done! 🙂

    Can’t comment on if you should continue with the series as I haven’t read it but if you like Assassin’s then I’d definitely recommend Age of Assassins by R.j Barker.


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  3. Loved the review, made me laugh!
    Yes you NEED to continue with this series. I’ve read it about 4 times. I haven’t read his Lightbringer series yet so now I’m very tempted to read that if you thought it was better than these as these are a huge favourite of mine.

    Read the rest!

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