DRUNK REVIEW: Jackpot by Nic Stone


Jackpot by Nic Stone


**We got an early copy from Nic in exchange for an honest review. We want to thank Nic and Crown Books for Young Readers for the opportunity. This book comes out on Oct 15th and you can get it here**


From the author of the New York Times bestseller Dear Martin –which Angie Thomas, the bestselling author of The Hate U Give,called “a must read”–comes a pitch-perfect romance that examines class, privilege, and how a stroke of good luck can change an entire life. 

Meet Rico: high school senior and afternoon-shift cashier at the Gas ‘n’ Go, who after school and work races home to take care of her younger brother. Every. Single. Day. When Rico sells a jackpot-winning lotto ticket, she thinks maybe her luck will finally change, but only if she–with some assistance from her popular and wildly rich classmate Zan–can find the ticket holder who hasn’t claimed the prize. But what happens when have and have-nots collide? Will this investigative duo unite…or divide?

Nic Stone, the New York Times bestselling author of Dear Martinand Odd One Out, creates two unforgettable characters in one hard-hitting story about class, money–both too little and too much–and how you make your own luck in the world.

Synopsis from Goodreads

Lolol late post

I just got back from BookCon a week ago (Editor’s note: that was in June… I got this review in my inbox in August…), and I’m still excstatic. I was more chill in pursuit of ARCs than I was in past years because my time is wild limited now that I’m not a consultant and can’t just read at my desk for googobs of $/hr. Instead, I used my days in Manhattan to find the best lunch in Javits (the pulled pork sammich), do very very normal things (sing baritone for a quintet of caroling crayola crayons), and made sure I was like 4th in every autograph line. This, of course, meant that Nic Stone was still mad energized when I brought up Jackpot.

I sez: OMG the ending was perfect

And she’s all: YASSS did it make you cry? 

shake head

And she knew I was lying but was graceful enough not to make me admit it. Jackpot  is a lot like that moment—it looks some hard truths in the face without pushing too hard to make you say them aloud before you’re ready. And like some of the all time great buddy quests, Jackpot’s characters grow and strengthen in its pages, and they’re sooo easy to root for.


Jackpot, like Bruce Willis’ Die Hard, is secretly a Christmas story. It starts when Rico sells a  winning gazillion dollar lottery ticket from her gas station job. Months later, since the winner still hasn’t come forward, she goes to try to find them. her unlikely companion is the bratty-ass, annoyingly cute and suave, star football playing heir to a multimillion dollar fortune who also just so happened to be in the shop that night. They galavant about the greater Atlanta area taking wins and Ls in turn.


I’m realizing slowly that what I like best about Stone’s books might be her characters. They feel so real, so whole. On that front, Jackpot delivered. Her brother’s a cute lil wiseass, and he has her whole heart. Momdukes is doing the best she can out here. My favorite characters in Jackpot are fuggin inanimate for crying out loud. And while Zan is annoying because our narrator is so annoyed, we still find a way to crush on him, to trust him. 

Jackpot is a rollercoaster, for sure. Nothing ever goes the way it’s supposed to (#mylife) but through these kids’ quick wit and positive energy, you keep believing that everything is gonna be ok. 

Rating 4.3 Shots/5

Pairing: ice cold 2 for $1 inca cola/ and rum, sipped surreptitiously at a bilingual wedding

– P$

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