Behind the Bar: Whiskey Edition

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Welcome to our series where we breakdown exactly what our pairings mean (aka the tags on our posts) and take you Behind the Bar.

Sam here to talk about our Whiskey pairings. I am not the biggest fans of whiskey, but I understand that I am in the minority for this lol.

Old Fashioned

Old fashioned are interesting, because in theory, you’re supposed to love them, but they can be wildly different based on who makes it. Sort of like Recursion by Blake Crouch. That book was WILD. Ginny did a fab review.

Irish Coffee

I actually don’t mind this whiskey drink. It’s delicious. Coffee is amazing, adding liquor only makes it better! Sort of like any retelling like the And I Darken series by Kirsten White. It’s a gender-swapped retelling of Vlad the Impaler.

Whiskey Coke

I feel like this is the most common whiskey beverage. I can’t tell you the number of time’s i’ve ordered this drink for a friend or ordered a rum/coke and got a whiskey/coke instead. These are super common drinks, like Twilight model books. Books that follow the love-triangle model, like There Once Were Stars lol.

Whiskey Neat

This drink is exactly what it says  it is. Plain whiskey. And while, I may not love it, lots do. We’ve paired a bunch of books with whiskey things like Foundryside and Girls of Paper and Fire and Godsgrave.

Whiskey Sour

This is another one we’ve paired a bunch of books with. You can see them all here, but some highlights include the second half of Wheel of Time and Uprooted.

There you have it! Your mini-guide to what we mean when we pair a book with Whiskey (or at least some mixed drinks). See more books we’d pair with and be on the lookout for more Behind the Bar features.

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: What’s your favorite Whiskey drink? Do you have any books that we should pair with it?

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