Drunk Review: Book Doctor by Esther Cole

book doctor

Book Doctor by Esther Cole

Reviewed by Ginny!

What I drank prior: so mich wine. Thank you book club.

Spoiler-free Overview: dear god. Don’t fuxking read this book. Arletter is a book doctor meaning she helps people with book ideas. Zhes not great at her job (although everyone seems to think she’s the best). Hatbinger enters with a ghost of an idea and apparently that’s all that you need for Arlette to take your money.  They have zero chemistry and yet he’s supposed to be the most creative person she’s ever met.  He reminds me of the guy you meet freshman year who’s taken one philosophy course and now wants to talk about literally anytihng and everything like he’s an expert.  Then, nothing happens.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: fuck man this is not the book for you.

Characters: every character feels the same. Everyone likes monologues and emitional ouybusts. They all feel like each oyher and there’s no point in reading this book. Blah blah blah book doctoring boring Harbinger is not a good character he’s just a seti3s of not so fun monologues. There’s an amount of creativity thats brought into an authors perspective through the letters wriyyen to Anette to ask for her services.  Goddamn, there are so many fucking red flags for all the characters in this book.

Plot: What fucking plot?  Let’s meander and not talk about anything important.

Writing Style: So fucking boring.  Sidenote, the best part of this novel was the letters that bland lady received asking for her help.  (don’t get me wrong, there was definitely a focus on

World Building: It’s supposed to be set in the real world but I’m gonna be honest, if the world we live in is this fucking boring just kill me now.  I like to believe in a world where things are actual possible, rather than a world where everybody talks and is super pretentiious and fucking kill me before I finish this sentence.  I hate it. I really can’t get over the level of douchebaggery in this book.  For wahtever reason (probably becuase it’s new york and for whatever if something is set in New York neuroses are suddenly charming) literally everyone in this book seems to be able to quote the classics and know of niche authors or quotes or what the fuck ever.  I’m gonna be honest, if you decided to spontaneously break into song, how many songs would you actually be able to sing in full.  i know that seems like a non-sequeter and yet it makes sense in the world of this book.  Because this entire stupid book is one non-sequiter after another….
What to pair it with:  The best thing I can say for this book is it reminds me of a high school presentation by a student who didn’t read the book, they don’t want to be there, we don’t want to be there, everyone knows thats the case, and yet everyone has to be present.  Even the characters in this book seemed unenthusiastic.  Alcohol-free beer.  you desperately want the taste but what you actually want is just outside your grasp.


COMMENT DOWN BELOW: Or don’t, this book was a waste of my time and I’m hoping this review was funny or clever enough to have not been a waste of yours.

– Ginny

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