Weekly Wrap-up: Feb 4-10, 2019

Hello fellow boozie readers!

Sam’s Update:

This week was insanely crazy. First week back to work after the shutdown and everyone is trying to get as much done as humanly possible before it inevitably shuts down again. Plus I was sick and had a couple really bad pain days.

What Sam finished this week:

gilded wolves

  • Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi: I have been seeing rave reviews about this all over the internet and man, were they right. This story is about a rag tag group of thieves going on a heist in 1889 France with magic. The characters have been adopted into my literary children family. The romance is fabulous, the characters are amazing, the story is thrilling, and so much more. Full review is already written and you’ll see it soon!!

What Sam’s reading now:

  • Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence: I have been trying to get to this, the sequel to Red Sister for a long time, but hadn’t had a chance to get around to it. Well NOW I AM. This is a magical assassin school set at a convent. With a fierce child named Nona who has the temper of all tempers and maybe a destiny? Shrug emoji.
  • King’s Rising by C.S. Pacat: This is the third and final book in the Captive Prince series. The premise is that Damianos, heir to his throne, is taken captive and sold as a slave to Laurent, heir to the neighboring kingdom’s throne after Damianos’s step-brother organizes a coup to get the throne. Laurent and [Damen] have a tenuous relationship, and there is pretty graphic rape/slavery/torture scenes. These books are legitimately problematic. They are a problem, they are THE problem, but they are so compelling and I can’t stop reading them once I’ve started. It’s debilitating lol.
  • Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy by Mackenzi Lee: Again, just started this but this is the companion novel to A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. This book follows Monty’s sister Felicity and her mission to be accepted into medical school.

Ginny’s Update:

Well it’s been a busy week, But it’s an exciting time coming up so I’m not sure if that’s going to change how much I get to read for the next few weeks.

What Ginny Is Reading:

  • Hazel & Holy by Sara C. Snider: This is a netgalley book that I’m pretty excited about.  A fantasy novel where Hazel and Holly are witch sisters whose father has disappeared and whose mother has been cursed and is somehow a ghost.  
  • Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. This book has been on my TBR for so freaking long.  I’m pumped to finally be reading it.  So far I think a spy is being held by the Nazi’s.  That’s all I know.
  • The Last Goodnight by Howard Blum: Well, I actually DNF’d this book but wanted to keep it here for posterity.  It’s a biography about a spy during WWII except the first five chapters cover her talking with someone about writing a biography.  It just didn’t really sound like my kind of book.  

What Ginny Finished Reading:

  • Lab Girl by Hope Jahren: This book is about a scientist and how she found her footing in the male dominated industry.  This book has a lot of incredibly interesting moments, I particularly enjoyed the breakdown of where how money for salaries is broken down.  That being said, this book had a lot more personal information than I was originally expecting.  I think the book would have been more interesting if the author would have talked more about her actual work experience.  3.5/5
  • Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. Dear god did this book need a better editor.  Some of the ideas in this book were absolutely fascinating but getting rid of 6 of the 9 Points Of View would have been incredibly helpful, as well giving the ending some actual fucking lead-up.  I enjoyed the world and a number of the characters but an editor with a hands on approach could have made this a better book.  3.5/5
  • Book Doctor by Esther Cohen: Well, you guys are in for a rare treat.  I already wrote a book review because I had VERY STRONG FEELINGS… and they weren’t exactly positive.

Melinda’s Update:

You know those days where you just can’t shut your mind off? It was a whole week of those, for better or worse! 

What Melinda is Currently Reading: 
the dark descent of elizabeth frankenstein.jpg
  • The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White – I am loving this so far. It is very dark and twisted, but I am totally into it and love the protagonist. Elizabeth is our the childhood companion of Victor Frankenstein, a rich, disturbed kid who can’t be kept in check by his parents, and her fate is tied to his. The book takes place in their early adult years with flashbacks peppered throughout. I have so many questions that need answers! I will definitely have a review for this when I’m done.

What Melinda Finished:

spinning silver

  • Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik – I personally thought this was so. darn. good! I loved how stark (ha!) the culture divide was between the Staryk and the Eastern European human world. My favorite & the main protag Miryem was Jewish too so that culture was in there as well. My only complaint was there were too many POVs—I really only cared for the three leading ladies’ perspectives.

Linz’s Update:

I got little reading done during my birthday and the Super Bowl, so I tried to make up for lost time this week. Alas, I had to work superlate this week and it got me a little offtrack 😦

What Linz read this week:

  • The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen: Nope. Nope nope nope. There’s just too many of these “jealous ex-wife, new shiny second wife, things aren’t as they seem” books glutting the market, so if you write one it better be the standout. And this just wasn’t. The writing wasn’t bad but it was fairly predictable, so it started to drag, and then the ending was very rushed.
  • Easy Prey by Catherine Lo: One out of my many BookCon 2018 books. Three classmates are accused of posting a teacher’s nudes online–the computer nerd, the jock, and the good girl gone rebel (after her own nudes leaked the year before). I liked the structure of the story (flipping between past and present), and I do think it’s a story that’s relevant and needs to be told these days, but again, it was pretty predictable where the story was going to go.
  • The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons: DNF. I got about 40% through and was just…so bored. It’s just a lot of standing around waiting for action to happen, and I heard it picks up in the second half, but not satisfactorily, so sometimes you just have to put the book down.

What Linz is reading now:

an american marriage

  • An American Marriage by Tayari Jones: This is on OPRAH’S reading list, so of course I’m gonna pick it up. The short version is a story about what happens to a young black married couple when the husband is accused of a crime. The longer version is an exploratory piece on the intersection between striving for the American dream, being black in modern America, and, well, relationships. It is not action-based by any means, so it’s a little slow but in a meditative way.

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

Sam, Melinda, Linz, and Ginny

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