DRUNK REVIEW: Seafire by Natalie C Parker


Seafire by Natalie C Parker

**We picked up a copy of this at BookCon and would like to thank Natalie and Razorbill for the opportunity to read and review this early. This book comes out on August 28th and you can get it here**

What I drank prior: So Ginny took me to the baseball game in her folks baller literal first row seats. Free beer and food. I had 5 beers and hadn’t eaten all day. BASEBALL!

Spoiler-free Overview:
Oki dokie. So. Uh. Yeah ok. Caledonia is the captain of this all female pirate crew in a world where the king literally steals, drugs, brainwashes, and hoards slaves. These slaves are almost entirely boys. They’re brutal. C and her partner Pisces watched their folks BURN from these guys so they’re #damaged. Anyway, after a raid goes wrong they end up with a Bullet (brainwashed addicted soldier boy) on board. He says C and P’s brothers are still alive, they go on a mission to get them back. Phew.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: This Book was cute!!! I didn’t know it was steam punk when I picked it up. I also didn’t know it wasn’t actually fantasy (no magic) but damn it was a wild ride.

Characters: Ok so the main character Caledonia is the worst. She fits most of the MC #damaged tropes. “Oh em geeee what if they find out my secret????” But look guys, the supporting cast are actually amazing. Pisces, Red, Hime (my CHILD), Amina. They’re all great.

Plot: Well paced I think. There were no side adventures, thing were hard. I thought it was great.

Writing Style: Pretty good. What I’m finding a lot lately in YA is that authors are becoming repetitive, not trusting the reader to piece together things from the beginning to the end of the story. This book was NOT THAT. I was so thankful to have a book that trusted me to work it out.

World Building: I loved the concept of this world so much. I can genuinely say it’s unique and again, I was trusted to work it out.

What to pair it with: Spiced Rum. Jack Sparrow style 😉

Rating: 3.5/5 Shots

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: Gimmie some more pirate boooookssssss

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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