DRUNK REVIEW AND DRINKING GAME: Doctor Who Myths and Legends by Richard Dinnick

doctor who

Doctor Who Myths and Legends by Richard Dinnick

What I drank prior: All of the wine. Literally have had two bottles…. DONT JUDGE ME. Disney movies and wine and two of your closest friends? What else can you ask for?

Spoiler-free Overview: 
This is a collection of Doctor Who short stories. As you guys know, we are HUGE Whovians. So this post is gonna be a bit different. I read these during Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. And I really loved the stories. A lot of them are war stories, but they’re pretty great. Sometines you see the Doctor. Sometimes you don’t. But they’re all pretty great. If you’re a Whovian, I recommend that you try these out!

So, a lot of our posts start with “it’s Doctor night so we’re hammered…” and below is why. We have a set of rules that you follow whole watching Doctor Who. We watch a few episodes, and by the time 3-4 are done, we are also don. So so done. So here are the rulz.

Doctor Who Drinking Game Rules:

Drink 1 if:

  • Doctor says “what?”
  • Doctor says “run!”
  • The sonic screwdriver/psychic paper is used
  • Doctor lies
  • Doctor says “I’m sorry” (add an extra for ever ‘so’ he uses before ‘sorry)
  • Dalek/Cyberman say “Exterminate”/”Delete”
  • Anything Bad Wolf
  • Harriet Jones introduces herself
  • The Doctor gets called anything but “Doctor”
  • All catch phrases (“Fantastic”/”Alonzi”/”Geronimo”/”Hello, Sweetie”/”Spoilers”/etc)
  • Any reference to Galifrey/the Time War
  • Tardis lands where the Doctor didn’t intend
  • Tardis noises

Finish your drink if:

  • Someone says “It’s bigger on the inside”

Yes. We are eell aware of how drunk you can get. This is the primary way the blog is populated….

What to pair it with: All Alcohol. There’s something for everyone in Doctor Who

Rating: 4/5 Shots

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: Any whovians out ther? Any rules we should add?

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,


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