GUEST DRUNK REVIEW: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova

labyrinth lost

I’m a monster because I forgot I picked up this ARC aaaaages ago. Thankfully book 2 doesn’t come out for a bit and if I read this sooner I would be raging in anticipation.

The gist is a modern day bruja – Latina? Hispanic? I forget which is the right word but i definitely know bruja is witch – is about to come into her powers but doesn’t want to, for TBD reasons, and royally fucks over her family in the process of trying to rid herself of her powers, then has to save said family.

Why this is a “not another YA urban fantasy” snooze

In a time when we need diversity reads, we got a good one here.
Have you read Caravel? I did, and I, like, enjoyed it but I couldn’t totally get into it, because I wanted SO MUCH MORE; it felt like we were in the fantasy land but just scratching the surface. With this book, I felt more immersed; the description and action just felt fuller.
Hello fresh take on a love triangle. There is love conflict between the lady protag, a boy, and a second lady that I sort of telegraphed but didn’t, and it evolved a little unexpectedly and it’s really just a breath of fresh.
The protag might have daddy issues but she is NOT an orphan. She has a major support network of family and witches, and a lot of them are great female characters.

Now, i got two issues, and it’s something I’ve seen in a lot of YA. We read so many descriptions of other people, but rarely the protag, and we fall into that trap here.
There’s a lot of talk about her hair – really, a lot of talk about everyone’s hair – but I felt there wasny enough description of the protag. Honestly I struggled to remember her name, it was said so little. Two, i love the lady love interest but it’s also her best, and only, friend. I get why this specific female protag has only one really good friend but it’s frustrating because now I’m worried the love interest is just going to break the protag’s heart at the end of book 2. At least she’s not in love with a brooding stranger she knows nothing about?

So speaking of, for a Book 1 of projected 3, things wrap up in a fairly tidy way, but goddamn the epilogue gives you a nice taste of whats to come because. There are some SERIOUS daddy issues to resolve, and I’m very curious to see how it pans out.

What I rated it – 3 stars

What I would pair it with – Cab Sauv; a solid book deserves a solid red

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