DRUNK REVIEW: Well Played by Jen De Luca (Well Met #2)

Well Played by Jen De Luca (Well Met #2)

Reviewed by Sam!

What I drank prior: it’s inauguration day, i have been drinking since 10:30a, and i recognize that’s early. But I was so nervous about today…

Goodreads Overview:

Stacey is jolted when her friends Simon and Emily get engaged. She knew she was putting her life on hold when she stayed in Willow Creek to care for her sick mother, but it’s been years now, and even though Stacey loves spending her summers pouring drinks and flirting with patrons at the local Renaissance Faire, she wants more out of life. Stacey vows to have her life figured out by the time her friends get hitched at Faire next summer. Maybe she’ll even find The One.

When Stacey imagined “The One,” it never occurred to her that her summertime Faire fling, Dex MacLean, might fit the bill. While Dex is easy on the eyes onstage with his band The Dueling Kilts, Stacey has never felt an emotional connection with him. So when she receives a tender email from the typically monosyllabic hunk, she’s not sure what to make of it.

Faire returns to Willow Creek, and Stacey comes face-to-face with the man with whom she’s exchanged hundreds of online messages over the past nine months. To Stacey’s shock, it isn’t Dex—she’s been falling in love with a man she barely knows.

Another laugh-out-loud romantic comedy featuring kilted musicians, Renaissance Faire tavern wenches, and an unlikely love story

Drunk Overview: this is the sequel to Well Met, the Ren Faire romance. This follows a different couple than the first. Stacey loves ren faire. There’s this hot traveling show guy named Dex who she’s hooked up with for a couple summers. After ren faire, Stacey gets hammered and drunk texts Dex’s insta that she misses him. She totes forgets until she gets a response the next morning…

Spoiler-free Thoughts: this was a-fucking-dorable. but it’s a romance so you’re geting bullets

  • So. Stacey is the best. She’s like, me but if there was one or two different choices made. Drinks and makes bad choices.
  • Simon and Emily are also as adorable as they were in book one and i LOVE IT
  • It’s really hard for me to say more but spoilers
  • So with trying to say spoilers, Stacey’s choices, while she makes bad ones, makes some real good ones.
  • One of the things I hate most in romances are when there are stupid miscommunications. These ones are both normal and cleared up when they’re supposed to be and i love that.
  • What I didn’t love was why there was a miscommunication in the first place, it just semeed like a betrayal that really didn’t need to happen at all.
  • I’m trying to come up with more things to say about this that aren’t just me squeeing at this book, but.
  • I can’t.
  • Just. Read it.

What to pair it with: A sparkling rose. It’s tasty, it’s bubbly, it brings you joy.

Rating: 3.75/5

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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