P Finishes Wheel of Time (Part 3)

A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson is the 14th novel out of 14 in the Wheel of Time series. My drunk ass read all of em. aintnobodygottime for 14 reviews, so I chunked them; find the first WOT review here, and the second WOT review here, if you want the whole thang.

NOTE: if this post makes less sense than usual, its bc I’m writing from the lawn at Firefly music festival between bouts of having my fuggin brains blown out through myeardrums. It’s far more exquisite than it sounds.

How do you imagine the end of the world would be? Smarter men than I have asked and written about that question. Wheel of Time lives in that question. In their world of mysticism and wonder, Sanderson and Jordan have challenged us to wonder who we’d be in those moments. Would you sprint at death smiling, gambling the weight of humanity with every die cast? Would you dare love? Courage the cowardly dog did, and it fucked him all up too.

I was so glad and so sad to reach the end of this tome. Sam tells me it was a few million words, thousands of POVs. I powered through all 14 in like 6 MONTHS and I regret nothing. I read while driving, I read on dates, I read a work; not because I had to finish but we I could not stop learning about the kaliedescope of characters that were brillaintlywove into the pattern.

Specifically about ‘A Memory of Light’. I was so blown away the chessmatches, the comedy, the pace made my mad dash reading the stuff feel like it was part of the narrative. We fly from one battle front from another to see heroes made of the characters we’ve met over the course of the books. We get hearts ripped out and our souls buoyed by the bravery of simple men. Also a LOT of trollocs get blown tf up. At the end there’s a battle and somebody wins but I wont tell you howwwww muahahahaha

*****************Spoils Below*****************

Rand wins.

Lol I mean come on we all knew it was coming. That wasn’t what was important to me though, as much as I had t osee what happened. I loved the weaving that got us there, that brought Perrin and Rhuarc in the wolf dream to fight the demon dogs or whatever. I loved Mat showing up just in time to kill Padan Fain who for some reason showed back up in the last like 30 pages. I loved Olver, all alone in the blasted lands, harried by trollocs, ducking and dodging blowing the Horn to recall the heroes. I loved Egwene. I loved her for her brilliance and her bravery and her sacrifice killing the dickbag Mazrim Taim who has for sooooloonnggg needed a good stabbing. Did I weep? Bitch no, YOU WEPT, I was just, you know, washing my face, in vertical lines from my tear ducts.

I loved that Rand gets a chance to decide at the end of the story, that he gets a chance to be who he wants to be instead of who he was forced to be by the fucking, like, universe’s battle with itself. As he wanders into the distance I have no choice but to 1. Plot the Min/Aviendha lesbian fanfic I’ve been dreaming of since they first bonded over a bottle of oosoqoi or whatever and 2. Wonder at how far he came in the like 2 years since trollocs first ran up on him in the Two Rivers. Jesus what a yarn this was.
End Spoilahz
*****************End Spoilers!!!*****************

Favorite books (as far as I can remember)

  • 14
  • 12
  • 1
  • 6-7
  • Fight me.

Pairing: green dragon. It sits in your closet for months and when ya open it & drink, it takes you to another world. And fucks you up in it. All the way up.

19/10 shots; would recommend to anyone who wants to be challenged by language and a subtle plot and has the time to read exquisite character development

PS. Also, if you haven’t signed up for #Booziebookathon 2017 on July 22, see our announcement post here.

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