TOP 5 TOP 5 TOP 5, Or: A Year of Reading, in Review.

I read a bunch of shit this year, if slighly less than last year. would that i could guess at how many pages that would be. aaaaand right on time, cue Sam.
me: shit what did i read this year; i’m reflecting on my top 5 and shit
sam: you know what would help with that?
me: not being saucy all the time?
sam: noap, something else?
me: idk, some notes or some shit?
sam (not repeating herself AT ALL, and telling me something i’ve literally never heard before): GOODREADS!!
(Editor’s Note: actual transcript of the actual conversation)
5. Lord of the Raadch by Ann Leckie
learning about this universe was mad fun. the three-novel series was a far future wherein humans were sociologically relevant but wherein gender as our languages capture it were insufficient. Justice of Toren was an AI with a lot of fuggin spunk who liked her tea and her alien fish soups and her revenge.
this entire trilogy vhallenged me to think about how a first person narrator could work while serving me a complex, layered society. mad smart, mad fun.
4. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
WOT would have been number one if i had read all 14 novels in 2017. i did read a few of my favorites, but i did have to slog through a bit of chessboard set up (requisite in a plot arc that took 3 million words.) WOT was truly epic and truly fantastical. not only will i always be proud of m’self that i read it, but i also have thought to myself about how brilliant the last novel and a half were, and wanted to start AGAIN, FROM SCRATCH to see Rand do SPOILERS WITH THE SPOILERS AGAINST THE SPOILERS.
3. Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
was a thrill ride. it was time-travel science, old school WTF IS GOING ON type suspense, and writing that pulled me by the collar through a few hundred pages in a few hours. i learned about love and losss from a perspecive that i never would have considered. truly, in my experience, original, and to everyone i’ve recommended it to, compelling as fuck.
2. Reincarnation Blues by Micheal Poore
was the loveliest, saddest thing i read this year. i mean it was a love story told over thousands of years, thousands of lives, with the impulses of men and gods swaying the protagonist toward and away from his true love. some paragraphs read like prose poems in their ability to evoke so much from a few brusque images. (These were normally followed immeidately by a fart joke.) the concept was original, and the execution flawless. gonna read it again ASAP
1. Shadowshaper Cypher by DJ Older
A dope and neccessary fantasy series about black girls saving the world. i dont have anything to saty about it that i didnt already say, but you should read the shit out of it, then give it to someone you love.
til next year, asshats.

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