The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: A Response

So this entry is in direct response to what sam wrote about the same work. She recommended it, I read. It. Blah blahzz .


OK so what EYE drank prior: some margs, some vodka, some brews, idk. tonight got weird

What to pair it with – Editor’s note: P – This is not what this section is about LOLZ
On a june night like this one, the moon barely rises beyond the cloud banks. The fog simmers underfoot, and once you realize your heartbeat is what’s clouding your ears, you acquiesce to silence. You can only see, then, the flap of the circus tent. Pairs in the crowd grip eachother’s palms; each individual wants for another to grasp in wonderment, in safety. Look at the sudden, foreign stars; they swim oh so rhythmically; they drip, blink of heresy. A neat scotch will do quite nicely with that, yeah. a double glenfiddich.

This is going to be the first lukewarm review I write on this blog (I think, but, lol, who knows). The Night Circus was a beautifully written tale of magic and mystery that I couldn’t fully get behind. The idea was novel, and the writing was compelling, but, yanno, I ran through those pages without really giving a fuck about much besides whether I’m going 6/8 or 7/8 on the predictions I made an hour in to reading. There was a love story or something, some sacrifice, some maleficent magic, some heroics. To be honest? Read it. It’s beautiful Stunning. It just wasn’t for me

Spoiler free review shawty:
So early as shit we meet these two kids and they both get, like, “Bound” into this game their dads are playing. When we meet them we don’t know shit about what’s going on there. What we do know is that these chapters are interspersed with second and third person narratives of what really compelled me in this novel, “Le cirqe de Reves”, or (probably, given the title) “The Night Circus” (or something). The novel is the story of the circus. Other things happen, but they’re uninteresting. Other characters come and go, and they too are largely, boring as fuck. But yo. These barnum and bailey faced motherfuckers are incredible and enchanting and magical and brilliant. From the acrobats to the contortionists, to the watchmaker consigned to build a clock for em, the tricks and treats that this circus of folks executes is really compelling nd engaging and, again, the reason I couldn’t put this book down.

Writing stlye: There are some gorgeous, gorgeous pieces of prose in this novel. Morganstern has some vivvvvvid fucking imagery, like three v’s like they would be porn caliber if they were x’s but the’re v’s so it’s still kinky and luxurious, but there’s no peens. Thereis a depth to the writing. Characters’ development (though predictable af, to me, at least) is rich and interwoven with lesser characters and lesser plot points that do provide momentary pause. I almost would say that a lot of the prose here is >.> <.< magical lolololol.

I was not moved enough by this novel to want to share spoilers with you people. See sam’s review to get those. Plus she writes better than I do. So. yeah.

Rating: 2.75/5 vodka sodas.
Like. I got drunk off these drinks but I wish I drank something else, but I drank them fast so I def feel something, I think. But I really wanted to, so.

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