Parker’s Top 10 of 2016

Its d’final count doowwwnnnnnn

I read a SQUAD of books in 2016. To be honest, it might have been my most prolific, non-academic reading year of life since like 2005 when I read everything Stephen King wrote and also my grandma’s porn novels.

I did a lot of this reading drunk, and nearly 100% of it suuuuper sauced, so the following countdown may be comrpimised. (ir)Reregardless, I made a list!

DEESE (nuts) are my favorite reads of 2016. Some of them are individual works, and some are series; some I wrote about on this blog, some I read between or before or other prepositions relative to these reaads. Whatever. Shut up.

10. The Great Hunt (book 2: wheel of time)
9. The Dark Forest (book 2: Threee Body Problem)
8. Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
7. Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin
6. Illuminae by Amy Kauffman and Jay Kristoff (post here)
5. Mistborn. The whole goddam series , by Brandon sanderson
4. between the world and me, Ta-Nahesi Coates

3. red rising: so the whole series was lit, but the first fucking novel in the trilogy was una lituacion, the first couple of pages were trite and predictable, and obvious as plot-fodder, but Pierce Brown made it rain in the subsequent 300 some-odd paginas. Fun as fuck, surprising, compelling. “Hunger Games in space” is an accurate but inadequate description. The second two novels carry the torch even farther

2. Coex alera: the series. so first of all, shoutout to Kitai, but for really real, thisseries was my favorite to read in 3016, I read 6 400 page novels in like 2 weeks. Tavi et all were so fucking compelling, the writing so fucking thorough, and the battle scenes so powerful that I had no choice but to power the fuck through them. My #1 recommendation for high fantasy in 2016.

1. Homegoing. Read my post. Not gonna cry again today.

You might hate all these novels. That’s fine. Fuck you. You dumb. And ya dick little.

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