Weekly Wrap-Up: Apr 18 – 24, 2022

Happy Monday, Boozie Book Nerds!

Friendly reminder that not all lives can matter until black lives do.

Sam’s Update

What Sam Finished:

Nuthin…. I got the plague so I spent lots of time in front of the TV.

What Sam is Currently Reading:

  • Magical Readathon – Restoration: A Blight of Blackwings by Kevin Hearne: (Also for Tome Topple) This is the second book of this series. I loved the first one so much but I have been frightened of this one’s size. Tome Topple’s got me =)
  • Magical Readathon – Art of Illusion: Eye of the World by Robert Jordan: (Also for Tome Topple) rereading this has been really fun. Much more foreshadowing than I remember and I love it.
  • Bloodsworn by Scott Reitgen: this is the sequel to Ahslords. There’s a rebellion and we’re getting perspectives from all sides. These people keep randomly getting sucked in to the underworld and that’s real interesting. I have put this down for now.

Minda’s Update

Had an amazing Easter and birthday celebrations for my husband this past weekend! Special thanks to Sam for celebrating with us. Daycare is closed part of this week though, so that may hurt my reading ability.

What Minda is reading now

  • The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec – “When a banished witch falls in love with the legendary trickster Loki, she risks the wrath of the gods in this fierce, subversive debut novel that reimagines Norse myth.” Counts for Lore in the Magical Readathon.
  • Warmaidens by Kelly Coon – “Warmaidens is the action-packed conclusion to the heartwrenching Gravemaidens fantasy duology. Kammani and the maidens are now going to war against the ruler who tried to entomb them. … To save the innocents and any chance of a future with Dagan, Kammani must take down Alu’s ruler before their lives burn up in the flames of war.” Counts for Restoration.

What Minda Finished

  • We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – “In this personal, eloquently-argued essay—adapted from the much-admired TEDx talk of the same name—Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie offers readers a unique definition of feminism for the twenty-first century.” Checks the Elemental Studies box.

Ginny’s Update

Well, I missed a few weeks because everything is stress, but luckily some of the stress is done! I only have one class left and then I graduate which is very cool and terrifying in equal proportions.

What Ginny is Currently Reading

  • Waiting by Ha Jin: Fuck this book. The entire thing has tried to make me sympathize with assholes. Okay, this book is in China and the main dude has an arranged marriage except she’s not pretty so he isn’t happy about it and after her spending years caring for his parents, as soon as they’ve died, he asks for a divorce so he can marry his side chick. She says no and he and side-chick have to wait 18 years until he can get a no-fault divorce. He marrys the side chick and is immediately like “maybe marriage isn’t for me.” I used the early pages of this book as kindling because I will never suggest anyone read it and there is no loss of value to this world by having one less copy in it.
  • Fuzz by Mary Roach: I finally got this back from the library! It’s about animals breaking the law and I was mid-chapter on how to humanely deal with invasive species!
  • The Rose Code by Kate Quinn: Man, this book has been on my tbr for a while and I’m not sure I have the attention span for it at the moment. Worse case scenario it goes back on my tbr because it does seem like a book I’d enjoy.

What Ginny Finished

  • Wild Seed by Octavia Butler: Damn this book was intense. Two immortals basically having a multi-century argument over the best way to cultivate the magic in humanity. I’m gonna write a review but this book was awesome.
  • Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao: Another great but intense book and I’m dying for the sequel. Zetian is a slightly feral teenager that plans to ruin the piloting system that allows men to suck the life force out of women to win fights against huge creatures to avenge her older sister. I’m writing a review for this one too, but omg, so good.
  • The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun: This is a cute rom-com about the prince of a bachelor-esque show and the producer he ends up falling in love with instead. The two main characters were super cute and I really liked how much of a focus this show had on mental health and how reality tv can wreck people without a thought for the rest of their lives.
  • Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips: This wasn’t my favorite book that I’ve read recently but I had just finished Lore Olympus and I was looking for more greek god content. Basically the gods have lost most of their power, and this story is how two random humans somehow make it better? Also Apollo is a dick. Such a dick.

Minda’s Update

Got more reading done than I thought, even with the LO at home most of the week! Now I have a road/work trip that will help me knock out my audio read for Magical Readathon, then only one intimidating read to go! Excited to finish my first readathon in awhile.

What Minda is reading now:

  • By The Numbers: How 12 NBA Greats Compare Across Eras, 2nd Edition by Kevin Tolliver – I was initially going to try reading Pillars of the Earth again for the Inscription/intimidating read requirement, but calling a bit of an audible here. 1. I messed up the Tome Topple dates (oops) and now it’s too late to embark on what I had planned and 2. I definitely should have started with the “intimidating read.” BUT this is ok because my husband (re)wrote a book that describes complicated statistical concepts and uses those theories to analyze who is the greatest NBA player of all-time. Neat, right? I think that is intimidating enough to count. I’m helping him edit it before we try to get an agent/publisher on board, but it’s pretty great.
  • Warmaidens by Kelly Coon – The follow up to Gravemaidens, Kammani and her maidens are in hiding following their escape from Alu. After a series of assassins try to kill the healer and the maidens, war threatens the innocents of Alu and only they can stop them. Can they take down Alu’s ruler before it is too late? Counts for Restoration since Kammani is a healer.

What Minda finished:

  • The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec – A retelling of sorts of the mother of monsters, Angrboda, from Norse mythology. A banished witch who falls in love with Loki, she finds her strength in motherhood as she continues to fight the gods and their might. I honestly really loved this one and it really stuck with me. Counts for Lore in the Magical Readathon.
  • Warriors, Witches, Women: Mythology’s Fiercest Females by Kate Hodges – A collection of stories detailing the goddesses, fairies, spirits, and mythical creatures that have inspired millions across the millennia and the world. I’m very interested in mythology (as I’m sure you know from all the retellings I read!) and this one caught my eye. Really enjoyed. It’s worth mentioning that the illustrations were beautiful too. Marked off my Spells & Incantations requirement.

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

— Sam, Ginny, Minda, and Parker

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