Announcing Booziebookathon 2019: July 27-Aug 3!

Hello, Boozers!!! We are happy to announce our third annual Booziebookathon! 

Booziebookathon 2019 will run from July 27, 12 p.m., to August 3, 12 p.m. in your timezone. Sign up here

This year the Will Read For Booze team will be tweeting from our brand-new, shiny, new-car smelling readathon account, @booziebookathon! So be sure to follow that handle on Twitter (but you can always follow our individual accounts as well).

If you’re interested in joining us, let us know in the comments, link us to your TBRs, and use #booziebookathon on Twitter! We’ll be hosting power hours (AKA reading sprints on Twitter @booziebookathon), having a couple of giveaways, sharing our favorite book and drink pairings on Instagram, and just chatting away about books all week! 

We’ve come up with a couple tie-ins with our favorite beverages. You CAN double up on challenges—this is meant to be fun and stack up your hypothetical bar cart, not get the highest number of books. 


Note that you do NOT have to actually drink while you’re reading, nor do you HAVE to actually drink the substance your challenge is for. Though we might… except for the preg one. 

We are so excited to do this you guys, and hope that you can join us in our boozie book adventure! Stay tuned for our TBR lists.

Share your excitement for the week with us by tagging our handle and using #booziebookathon!

Until then, we remain forever drunkenly yours, 

Sam, Ginny, Parker, Linz, and Minda

11 thoughts on “Announcing Booziebookathon 2019: July 27-Aug 3!

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