DRUNK REVIEW: Seasonal Fears by Seanan McGuire

Seasonal Fears by Seanan McGuire

**we received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. We’d like to thank Seanan and Tordotcom for the opportunity. This book comes out on May 3rd and you can get it here or at your local independent book store**

Reviewed by GGGinny

What I drank: so much seltzer. Im on a ski trip so drinking started early and Im writing this while friends play beer pong (yes. Im that cool)

Goodreads Overview:

Melanie has a destin, though it isn’t the one everyone assumes it to be. She’s delicate; she’s fragile; she’s dying. Now, truly, is the winter of her soul.

Harry doesn’t want to believe in destiny, because that means accepting the loss of the one person who gives his life meaning, who brings summer to his world.

So, when a new road is laid out in front of them – a road that will lead through untold dangers toward a possible lifetime together – walking down it seems to be the only option.

But others are following behind, with violence in their hearts.

It looks like Destiny has a plan for them after all….

“One must maintain a little bit of summer even in the middle of winter.” – Thoreau

Drunk Overview:so first, this is a quasi sequel to Middlegame and while you dont have to read that first, it helps. Melanie and Harry both die one day but wake up as potential physical manifestations of thr seasons summer and winter. Ut turns out that Mel had been genetically engineered for winter (Harry was a haooy coincidence) but a science cabal want Mel partnered with her comatose (and secret) twin.

Drunk Thoughts:okay, I love Harry anf Melanje.

  • So Mel had a minor manifestation to help her named Jack Frost. But Harrys Corn Jenny (the counterpart) is missjng. And I LOVE that detail
  • Legit the hierarchies in this book are so interesting. And the wat the seasons and representatives are so interesting
  • But the multiple plotlines were so great. I found myself literally dreading some of the plotlines because the impending sense of doom was so intense.
  • Im hoping Im not spoiling anything but the characters from Middlegame show up and it was FASCINATING to get an outside perspective on them.
  • But the general plot was definitely a journey across the country on what felt like a semi wild goose chase
  • I did feel like there was one stop too many on the way to where they were going, but they did such a great job of building what was happening and showing the risk of yhe lack of humanity that I cant point to any one that I would drop.
  • The writing in this was gorgeous!
  • There are these lyrical moments, and the scientific descriptions were really fun, and just un general I couldnt put this book down.
  • So many factors worked well to highlight the lack of experience and how detrimental it could be.
  • Like poor Jack was so new in her role
  • But the blending between her youth and her mystical agelessness was fascinating. It could become so easy to forget she was a child, but each reminder made it more clear about the casual cruelty of fate or happenstance or whatever you want to call it.
  • This book really felt like a treatise about fairness. Specifically the idea that for so much of childhood, people are protected from the lack of fairness by parents, and that for the wealthy that can continue.
  • But god this book also deals with the bleakness of “what would you do if you know youll die if you dont act” and “what if you know someone you love will die?”
  • Basically, this book was way more fun than my reciew would suggest.
  • Also this book made me want to reread Middlegamr

What it Pairs With: coffee with baileys. Ideally with some whipped cream. A bite of sweetness to offset the bitter

Rating: 5/5

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