DRUNK REVIEW: The Second Rebel by Linden A. Lewis (The First Sister Trilogy #2)

The Second Rebel by Linden A. Lewis (The First Sister Trilogy #2)

Reviewed by Sam!

What I drank prior: Parker is in town!!!l It’s his school break so he’s here and im super happy about it. Anyway, it’s wheel of time night which means we hug out and drank and watched that and Dr Who and also Ted Lasso, which he’s never seen, which is a shame. Yes that was one giant long sentence but SHUT UP

Goodreads Overview:

Linden A. Lewis returns with this next installment of The First Sister Trilogy, perfect for fans of Red Rising, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Expanse.

Astrid has reclaimed her name and her voice, and now seeks to bring down the Sisterhood from within. Throwing herself into the lioness’ den, Astrid must confront and challenge the Aunts who run the Gean religious institution, but she quickly discovers that the business of politics is far deadlier than she ever expected.

Meanwhile, on an outlaw colony station deep in space, Hiro val Akira seeks to bring a dangerous ally into the rebellion. Whispers of a digital woman fuel Hiro’s search, but they are not the only person looking for this link to the mysterious race of Synthetics.

Lito sol Lucious continues to grow into his role as a lead revolutionary and is tasked with rescuing an Aster operative from deep within an Icarii prison. With danger around every corner, Lito, his partner Ofiera, and the newly freed operative must flee in order to keep dangerous secrets out of enemy hands.

Back on Venus, Lito’s sister Lucinia must carry on after her brother’s disappearance and accusation of treason by Icarii authorities. Despite being under the thumb of Souji val Akira, Lucinia manages to keep her nose clean…that is until an Aster revolutionary shows up with news about her brother’s fate, and an opportunity to join the fight.

This captivating, spellbinding second installment to The First Sister series picks up right where The First Sister left off and is a must-read for science fiction fans everywhere.

Drunk Overview: Alright, so if you haven’t read book 1 you gotta get outta here because there are gonna be major spoilers for it. I will not spoil this book but the one before I can’t promise.

Ok so, Astrid, now the First Sister of Ceres and been newly freed from being mute has basically been told that she needs to go to Mars for trial for basically negotiating peace, which obviously is stupid but, Aunt Bitch wants her head. ALSO Hiro is… somewhere with the rebels and Lito is with his bonded partner and her former bonded partner, and ohbytheway Hiro was his bonded partner before. ANYWAY there’s rebellion and now Lito’s sister is involved and it’s all getting sorta wonky.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: this book suffers from book 2 syndrome, which is a shame. Like, I understand why this book was important, there were a lot of things that were necessary to get the characters where they needed to be, but it was SO LONG to get there. We’re gonna do bullets this time

  • So, Astrid is crazy, but is doing her best to keep the integrity of the Sisters while also trying to uncover their corruption. She literally only wanted that from the beginning and it’s interesting tome to see her try and figure it out
  • Like the inSANE plot line with the not-sister brothels. Like WHAT?!
  • The trial was nuts
  • Hiro getting involved with the AIs was an interesting twist but complicated and I still love them with my whole soul
  • Lito. Lito is my son and literally anyone can fight me if they try and come after him.
  • I do love his bond with Of-what’s-her-name.
  • I love the new guy too, the Harbringer. Like….. WOAH he’s a lot.
  • Bad news is that this was a chess piece book, folks getting in place for the last book and I’m fine with that, but i wish it was a bit more interesting getting there.
  • Like, seriously, there was a lot going on, too much to follow and if just one plot line was dropped to developed at least one more, it would have been a better book.

What to pair it with: Red wine. It’s a bold drink that can have a lot going on but its not the most exciting thing on the menu.

Rating: 3/5

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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