Weekly Wrap-Up: Mar 8 – 14 , 2021

Happy Monday, Boozie Book Nerds!

In case you haven’t seen… Tome Topple starts today!!! Check out the announcement post here.

This is your weekly reminder that black lives matter.

Sam’s Update

What Sam Finished:

  • A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik: Ginny was so right, I loved this. Magic school trying to kill its students? Hate to friend? Found friendships? All about it.

What is Currently Reading:

  • Beneath the Keep by Erika Johansen: This is a prequel to the Tearling books and I forgot how much I loved this series and world. Basically, this book is about Kelsea’s mom Elyssa when she was the crown princess. She’s getting swept up in the Blue Horizon movement and wants to be a better leader than her mother. When a prisoner and a witch show up to court in the same day, she’s got a lot of work to do. I don’t want this to end. Ever.

Ginny’s Update

First, I hate daylight savings time… There is no second point. Just the first point.

What Ginny Finished:

  • A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole: I finally finished this!!!! What an amazing thing spare time is. My first time reading this book I thought the ending was a little rushed (and I think some of the pacing is still quicker than I’d expect) but rereading it, I was better at finding the foreshadowing and really enjoyed this book. Seriously, the way she makes what could be such a silly concept ended up being an absolute delight.
  • Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams: This is the third book in the series and I really like the way the world has built up. Noah, a computer genius, is friends with Alexis, who helped take down a serial sexual harasser. They both have these very distinct characters and it’s fun to watch them mesh, even when you know something bad is going to happen. Seriously, this book is just fun. And I’m so looking forward to the Russian’s story.

What Ginny is Currently Reading:

  • How to Find a Princess by Alyssa Cole: Classes are going back to in person which means I am definitely going to be finishing this book soon. I read different books in different mediums and this just got passed over for other more convenient options.
  • Would I Lie to the Duke by Eva Leigh: I read the first book in this series recently. Honestly, this book kind of bums me out because I’m really not a fan of relationships built on lies… That being said, the Duke, who is used to telling everyone what to do LOVES getting bossed around by the super competent heroine.

Minda’s Update

Planning to get a lot of reading done this week, so stay tuned!

What Minda is reading now: 

  • Down Comes the Night by Allison Saft – Wren Southerland is a soldier with healing magic seeking to redeem herself and reclaim her position after a major mistake. Her journey leads her to a reclusive lords estate to heal someone important—her country’s biggest enemy. Almost done and feeling very positively about it so far!
  • Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell – “Prince Kiem, a famously disappointing minor royal, has been called upon to be useful for once. His future husband, Count Jainan, is a widower and murder suspect. Neither wants to be wed, but with a conspiracy unfolding around them and the fate of the empire at stake they will have to navigate the thorns and barbs of court intrigue, the machinations of war, and the long shadows of Jainan’s past, and they’ll have to do it together.”

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

— Sam, Ginny, and Minda

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