DRUNK REVIEW: Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett (Founders #2)


Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett (Founders #2)

Reviewed by Ginny

**We received an early copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. We’d like to thank Robert and Jo Fletcher Books for the opportunity. This book came out on April 21st and you can get it here or at your local independent bookstore**

What I drank prior: wine. Plenty of wine. Sam and I needed a proper drinking/hangout night.

Goodreads Overview:

The upstart firm Foundryside is struggling to make it. Orso Igancio and his star employee, former thief Sancia Grado, are accomplishing brilliant things with scriving, the magical art of encoding sentience into everyday objects, but it’s not enough. The massive merchant houses of Tevanne won’t tolerate competition, and they’re willing to do anything to crush Foundryside.

But even the merchant houses of Tevanne might have met their match. An immensely powerful and deadly entity has been resurrected in the shadows of Tevanne, one that’s not interested in wealth or trade routes: a hierophant, one of the ancient practitioners of scriving. And he has a great fascination for Foundryside, and its employees – especially Sancia.

Now Sancia and the rest of Foundryside must race to combat this new menace, which means understanding the origins of scriving itself – before the hierophant burns Tevanne to the ground.

Drunk Overview: this book was wild! Taking place a while after book one Sansa et al have created their own firm but there are issues ahead, aka the originator of the hierophants might be coming back to wreak havoc.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: This book took me a while yo read, not because I wasnt enjoying it but because life in quarantine can be hard. Yet there was a point of this book that grabbed me and wouldnt let go. It was a perfect mix of characters and plot and general excitement about a world.

Characters: Sansa remains a fantastic character. There were a few twists where she wad concerned that felt a little obvious. But it didnt change the fact that her character growth was fantastic. And the thing I desperately wanted to know after book 1 was what would happen to Clef. That too was great. Basically this job did a wonderful job of taking all of the characters from book 1 and showing how they all grew. Except for Gregor, he really felt like he was stuck in tge last chapter of book one in a way that felt really genuine.

Plot: fighting a fucking god. I dont know how else to describe it. I remember watching Buffy and being frustrated by the eternal attempt to one up the previous big bad. This didnt feel like that. The big bad was definitely bigger, but it didnt feel like a ploy to just be bigger than the last one. This felt like such a natural growth from the first book and it was sich a delight. This book got fucking gory as hell but goddamn did yhis plot keep going unexpected places.

Writing Style: good? This had even more delightful world building and I so enjoyed they way this world built off of the events of yhe previous book. The technology, and descriptions, and characters of this book so beautifully work together to make a book that has a perfect picture anf keeps a pace that could keep anyone interested.

World building I love a world with growth. Its so clear to see the changes between book one and two and isnt that a delight. Bennetts writing has always struck me as incredibly impressive whete worofl buidling is concerned in that I want ti read the history books in these worlds. In this case, I can promise you there’s a history on Sansa’s library and I want it

What to pair it with: old fashioned. Something that burns but has hints of cherry

Rating: 4.5/5 Shots

– Ginny

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