Weekly Wrap-Up: Mar 30 – Apr 5, 2020

Hey everyone!!

Hope you all had a great first week of Magical Readathon! I know we did! It’s been a tough week, but I think we’re all getting settle in to the new normal and things will calm down.

Sam’s Update

I had a shit week and it’s not looking like it’ll get better for a while. They need to find a drug to kill this virus, like yesterday.

What Sam Finished:


  • Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore: This is the third companion novel in the Graceling books. I love this series and I’m so sad it’s over. One of my favorite parts is the way that Kristin handles romance. It is beautiful and heart wrenching but also not always the happy ending. Sometimes you just don’t end up with the one you love and that’s ok. I am here for romances like that.

What Sam is Currently Reading:

  • Transfiguration: Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson: This is a stand alone novel where our main lady Elizabeth, a teenager brought up in an enchanted library, is accused of a crime she hasn’t committed. Murder, in fact. And she begins to uncover a conspiracy that puts other lives at risk. She teams up with a sorcerer Nathaniel and his demon servant Silas to figure it out. MAN, I am loving this. Listening on audio and I am really happy about how things have turned out so far. Can’t wait to finish this up soon.
  • Charms: Ruthless Gods by Emily Duncan: This is the sequel to Wicked Saints a gory AF Russian inspired fantasy story. Nadya and Serefin done fucked up and this is the story for them to try and fix it. Nadya is a bit boring, but Serefin is my bisexual son. I LOVE the villain character. I LOVE the side characters. I’m just over half way and it’s starting to get to the point where I won’t be able to put it down.

Minda’s Update

Magical Readathon continues! One class down, at least 5 to go.

What Minda finished:

  • The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict – As promised, finished this historical fiction following the life of Mileva Marić, the first wife of Albert Einstein. In case you didn’t know, she was a brilliant physicist in her own right. The book was good for what it was, but not my highest recommendation.
  • Illegal by Eoin Colfer – Potions class complete! The story is about a young African refugee in his journey to Europe. I cried a lot…. it was very heartbreaking.

What Minda is reading now:

  • Saint X by Alexis Schaitkin – For Defense Against the Dark Arts as a book set on the sea/coast. The book is a thriller/murder mystery surrounding the events of a sister’s unsolved death in the Caribbean. Very stalkerish. I’m about halfway done… I think I’m enjoying it?
  • Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire – Counts as the Ancient Ruins class. Not really sure what it’s about? Something about missing children and fantasy magical lands. Added to my list after the appearance of Jack in this year’s character bar fights competition.

Ginny’s Update

Whatsup. I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump, finding it a little bit hard to get started reading. Which means I’ll probably try to shift focus on what I’m reading for a little bit. i.e. staying away from anything serious.

What Ginny Finished:

gentlemans guide

  • Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee: I’m going to be honest, I did not enjoy this book. I found the main character to be incredibly frustrating and even with a tragic personal history, I found the way he treated his sibling and best friend to be painful even though it made sense for the character. Monty, Percy, and Felicty go on a wild hunt to try to avoid the people who are after them because Monty was a dumbass. I was also confused by the magical element that was added in. It just didn’t fit the tone of this book. I have the sequel on my tbr mostly because I liked the character it should be about, but I’ll have a DNF on my mind if it doesn’t seem to suit.

What Ginny is Currently Reading:

  • Hilariously Ever After by Various Authors: I might finally read this considering I seem incapable of finishing anything else.
  • The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern: I’ve gotten a little bit further in this book, but the focus has been getting through some of the library e-books I have that were about the expire.

Started and then the Library Stole Them Back:

  • The Good Luck Girls by Charlotte Nicole Davis: Honestly, I read like three pages and then ran out of time. I put a new hold on it and we’ll see what happens then

Until next time, we main forever drunkenly yours,

Sam, Ginny, and Minda

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