Top 5 Wednesday (on a Thursday): SFF BFFs

Hey everyone. Ginny here to talk about my favorite best friends in science fiction and fantasy. I might have played a little bit fast a loose as some of these might be great friends but jot quite BFFs. But hey, its my article. I do what I want!

  1. The HP trio: These books made my life growing up. I wore out more than one copy of the first book and was a midnight reader for the rest. I adore the friendship between Harry, Hermione, and Ron. They had their quirks and their fights but ultimately knew that wasnt going to come between them. Also some of their quips and sarcasm will make me laugh regardless of where and when I’m reading the books.
  2. Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens: Lucky for everyone this is about to be a tv show. I cant wait. One is an angel and one is a demon and if asked they would probably not claim to be friends, but dear god they are my favorite characters. They’re quippy and sarcastic and boy did neither of them actually want the world to end.
  3. Toby and May from the October Daye series. This is going to include spoilers for anyone who hasnt read up to book 4. Toby and her fetch, May (the literal incarnation of Toby’s upcoming death) become friends. Obviously this relationship is comlicated because May is a harbinger of doom and if Toby dies May goes with her. And yet… May has a fun if wild personality and does a great job of getting Toby out of her own head. Toby meanwhile does plenty to help May figure out who she is. Theyre interactions are delightful!
  4. Irene and Kai from the Invisible Library series. Im not 100% sure if this is going to lead to an interminable will they wont they plotline but I adore their interactions. She’s his mentor but hes kind of royalty. They both know how to handle themselves but have a ridiculously strong loyalty to each other. My favorite parts are when their plan goes to hell and they need to improv, theyre so good at picking up on each others cues and its always interesting to see who takes the lead.
  5. Wax and Wayne from the Alloy of Law. Theze guys are. Basically the template for grumpy and level-headed with wild and crazy best friend. Wax has so many responsibilities and to a certain extent babysitting Wayne is one of them. And by babysitting I mostly mean making sure Wayne doesnt make “trades” that are going to end up with Wayne in jail. Thry work together so well and can get anything done.

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