Ginny’s 2019 Wrap Up and 2020 Goals

Happy new year!

I managed to complete a decent number of last year’s goals and more:

  • I read 203 books (how?)
  • This included a number of the books I was really looking forward to including some by Seanan McGuire, John Scalzi, and Courtney Milan
  • I discovered some new favorite authors like Nalini Singh and Martha Wells (Genevieve Cogman and Alyssa Cole both get honorable mentions here)
  • I got a new job that I really enjoy
  • I have a nephew that I adore
  • I fulfilled my goal of getting pretty damn good at making bread. Its delicious!

Basically its been a pretty good year. And that means I am excited and scared for 2020. Book goals first:

  • I want to read 120 books. I don’t think 200 is sustainable but I will happily change this midyear if I think it makes sense to adjust it
  • I’m hoping to get through another Brandon Sanderson trilogy, read the next book in the Wayward Children series (IT COMES OUT SO SOON!), and read Realm of Ash (Its the first book I’m starting this year. Start strong, right)
  • I did a pretty decent job keeping up with BookCon books this year but I want to continue to only grab things that sound interesting
  • I want 2020 to be the year I finally stop drinking soda. That’s my big reach
  • My small reach is that I want to make really good dinner rolls

Thank you for joining us for all of 2019, and I look forward to a 2020 that’s full of fun books and snarky (drunk) reviews!


4 thoughts on “Ginny’s 2019 Wrap Up and 2020 Goals

    • Thanks! 2019 was a pretty good year for me personally. And yeah 203: i read when Im happy, or bored, or stressed… its my default in a way. Happy new year to you too!

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    • Will do. I have a bread book that hasnt steered me wrong yet. If it works I’ll make sure to send it. And yeah. I manage to fit reading in whenever I can. I haven’t gotten hit by a car yet while reading and walking so I think Im good. I hope you have a great 2020 too!


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