DRUNK REVIEW: The Burning White by Brent Weeks

the burning white

The Burning White by Brent Weeks

Reviewed by Sam!

What I drank prior: several glasses of wine in very little time while watching hallmark movies. It’s that time of year again….

Goodreads Overview:

The nail-biting conclusion to the Lightbringer series!

Stripped of both magical and political power, the people he once ruled told he’s dead, and now imprisoned in his own magical dungeon, former Emperor Gavin Guile has no prospect of escape. But the world faces a calamity greater than the Seven Satrapies has ever seen… and only he can save it.

As the armies of the White King defeat the Chromeria and old gods are born anew, the fate of worlds will come down to one question: Who is the Lightbringer?

Drunk Overview: this is the long awaited finale to the Lightbringer series where Kip and his gang are literally trying to stop the end of the world. In this world, Magic is based off of color. Folks with these abilities can usually manipulate one, maybe two colors, and their magic is in limited supply. The only one that can use them all AND have an unlimited supply is the prism. Aka the emperor. Gavin Guile is the prism but everyone thinks he’s dead. His wife, Karris, is the White and just trying to figure shit out. Granpappi Guile, Andross (FUCK Andross) is the worst. Teia is a morherfucking spy who’s wavering. And Kip, my son, is in the forest with his gangly ass boys and his lady wife. We all caught up here? Yes? Yes.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: Oh. Holy. Mother. Of. Orholam. This finale was worth the wait. Everything wraps up pretty dang well. There were times that I laughed and then cried and then wanted to tear Brent’s eyeballs out for what he was doing my children. This series is in my top 5 fantasy series, hands down. Right up there with the Cosmere, wheel of time, Harry Potter, and Riyria. So. Damn. Good.

Characters: My babies!!!! They were not ok when they started this book and I had to wait FOREVER to find out if they end up ok. I’m not gonna tell YOU if they end up ok but yeah. The characters each completed their story arcs fully and completely. There was one moment where I texted Parker and was like “I swear to Orholam if ********** actually happened, so help me I will put this book down.” I was so scared for them. All the time.

Quick spoiler

The chapter where Gavin finally accepts and starts thinking of himself as Dazen again. Holy shit it was incredible. Brilliant piece of writing right there. Going back and forth and then finally just sticking with Dazen… amazing.


Plot: I mean, this is the series finale. If it didn’t have me at the end of my seat when it started, I certainly was by the time it ended. Jesus, I was floored by some of the plot twists that I just didn’t see coming. FLOORED.

Writing Style: Brent is incredible. Each POV has its own voice and its own style and the way he uses color (obviously) is amazing. But also how he uses all the other senses too. It’s amazing.

World Building: So, you know how you usually get to finales and you know the world already so it just all comes together? This wasn’t that. We get to learn even more about the world and it doesn’t feel like a last minute add. It feels like it was always a thing and that’s mastery of a craft right there.

What to pair it with: Tequila. You either have a great time or your sobbing. There’s no in between.

Rating: 7/5 shots.

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: Who is the Lightbringer?

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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