Weekly Wrap Up: Dec 16-22, 2019

Hello boozie readers!

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Sam’s Updates

It’s finally the holidays… it’s finally time to rest. I am so incredibly excited.

What Sam read this week:

scavenge the stars

  • Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim: The main character spent the last 7 years working on a debtor’s ship and now she’s sworn revenge. I did not know how I didn’t know this, but apparently it’s a Count of Monte Cristo retelling. I hate read the end of this. I was so goddamn bored. I literally didn’t care about how it ended. Drunk rant coming soon.

What Sam DNF’d

  • Brimstone by Justine Rosenberg: This was… somethin. I received an ARC from NetGalley and boy was I surprised by this. No where in the description does this say this is a romance novel. Under normal circumstances, I’m fine with that, except this time, it was insta-lust. Literally. They meet and within 5 minutes they’re fucking. No reason why, just do. Plus the world building was confusing and the character relationships made no sense.

What Sam’s currently reading:

  • Warrior of the Altaii by Robert Jordan: Only just started this but this was actually Robert Jordan’s first book, but this was it’s first publishing. Our man, Wolfgar is a nomad and the non-nomads plot to take over the world. Wolfgar tryna stop them. Honestly, I’m really disappointed in this. I will explain more in my drunk review, but you should never look too hard at your heroes, they usually disappoint you.
  • Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi: This is the sequel to The Gilded Wolves which Linz reviewed and then so did I because I couldn’t shut up about it. We got an ARC of this from NetGalley and I was trying to wait until we got closer to the fall publication date but I couldn’t stand it anymore. I needed to hear how my babies are doing. Barely started, but I still love them so much.

Ginny’s Updates

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!

What I finished:

  • The Hating Game  by Sally Thorne: I found this on a list of exciting romances for the end of 2019 and some of this book was really good. That being said, I’m not a big fan of workplace romances. I really enjoyed the hate-friends-lovers. The main character felt appropriately oblivious, and quirky beyond ‘oh no she’s clumsy.’ I enjoyed most of the tropes 3.5/5
  • The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean: Keeping this one short. I liked the banter between the two main characters (it improves over the course of the book) but it’s short and snappy and changes drastically as they start to like each other. Families seemed to suck too conveniently.  3/5
  • The Night Country by Melissa Albert: I am writing a review to this (THANKS TO LINZ!). As soon as I found out The Hazel Wood would have a sequel I got excited. This is definitely going to get a review.

Currently Reading:

  • Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff: I got 10 more pages in? I think Mia might accidentally become a pirate queen.
  • Magic for Nothing by Seanan McGuire: Yay! Finally getting Antimony’s story (the younger sister of two other characters in this series who have gotten books). It’s interesting seeing Verity from the perspective of a younger sister, and dealing with the fallout from the previous book. I’m ready for this.

Minda’s Updates

What Minda finished:

such a perfect wife

  • Such a Perfect Wife by Kate White – Absolutely a good mystery read, though not sure I loved where it ended up. But it fulfilled what I was going for, which was a quick read to get me back in the zone for the rest of year!

What Minda is reading now:

dragon republic

  • The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang – A little over halfway through and I am totally here for it. I think they’ve handled the mass genocide thing very well and I love the Eastern perspective and magic aspects of the story.

Linz’s Updates

No update from Linz this week, she’s drowning in wrapping paper.

Until next time, we main forever drunkenly yours,

Sam, Ginny, Linz, and Minda

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