DRUNK REVIEW: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

ninth house

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

Guys, its linz and HOOOOOOOOMYGOD lets talk about Ninth House

Do I even bother wichita drunk summary? This book has been on everyon’s radars for months. LETS GET INTO IT.

What I drank: It’s only 48 degrees but I was so cold and drank red wine like my life depended on it. While swathed in a fabfitfun wrap. Basic Bitch, late fall edition.

Summary, from Goodreads: Here look take the link and go check it because to quote tpain we aint got TIEM for that right now

My thoughts: WHERE TO BEGIN. i picked this up bc ive read grishaverse books…and full discolsure was like eh? def prefered 6 of crows to the first trilogy. so i figured this would be also fine and i coudl check it off and WAS I PROVEN WRONG THIS BOOK RULES. It is ooky spooky kooky read, its sp perfect for this time fo year, and i’m enraged i read it now bc i have to wait for book 2

I guess trigger warning that there’s some REALLY dark shit but i like a dark book when written well. House of Salt and sorrows did dark well, and ninth house did it reall well. So like, give it a chance if youre initially not down.

  • Galaxy ‘alex’ stern is our wildly fuckd up, wildly awesome protag. her backstory is wellstructured, sad, interesting, amazing, and has some great mystery for book 2. and how her dat to day is portrayed is amazing. thank you for talking about when she finds clothes or eats or trie to hang out w he friends becaus i legt ass care about thos detials.- Even wehn i hated characters they were still so EXCELLENTLY written.  i cant wait to hear more about her moms storyline, because THAT could habe taken a real cliched and it was not at all
  • worldbuilding – lets get it out right nwo that magic is real. it is a real real thing in this universe and it has enefits and consequences out the butt. I usually hate an urban fantasy, and this might not be classifiedas urban fantasy but it has teh elements of one and yet i couldn’t read fast enogh. also the deliciousness of setting it at Yale with the secret societies? brilliant. it could have been done so dumb and cliched and it was brilliant
  • i mean seriously the magica nd ceremoniues, SO well done. it’s not some dumb archaic things but true application tried buy idiot college students.
  • also ghosts are for SURE real in this universe, and i lvoe the “magic system” of how ghsots work for the story
  • who knew i would get a ghost story and detective story with a touch of history? and it was so twisty turny in a fabulous way
  • bardugo should write more adult/newadult
  • another plot issue we could have had twas alex’s very likedy mixed background. a lot fo books are writing divsere characters, WHICH WE NEED ADN I DO NOT WANT TO DISCOURAGE ANYONE but often those characters are used too ahrd to preacha a point. alex speask just ehough as the voice of the underepressented without hammering the mesage home. adn like you know me, i love a mixed race cahracter bc hapas gotta rep

As soon as humanely possible i’m going to a bookstore to buy a copy bc i alread yneed to reread it.

i know this review couldbe more detials but like, you all knwo about this book. go get a copy. i’ll buy you a copy. i stan for this book.

What I gave it: 5/5 skulls

What I’d pair it with: Anything? Everything? There’s wine and champagne references, but I love the idea of an American whisky. So many rich and powerful people want to exude history and established-ness and the American version of aristocracy, when America is still really such a young, new money country even when you’re rich.


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