DRUNK REVIEW: The Confectioners Guild by Claire Luana

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The Confectioner’s Guild by Claire Luana

**We received an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and would like to thank Claire and Live Edge Publishing for the opportunity. This book comes out on Oct 23rd and you can get it here**

What I drank prior:
Wine, a good deal of wine. A horrible two weeks has just passed and I’ve had two days of actually getting stuff done at work while being able to relax after going home so I earned this white wine.

Spoiler-free Overview:

Welp, I picked this book for funsies because it seemed like something I would very much enjoy.  And I was RIGHT!!! The book follows Wren, a girl who finds out that her baking skills also happen to infuse her baking with magic.  Unfortunately for her, she realizes this shortly before the Confectioners’ Guild head is killed by a cupcake of her making.  She tries to solve the murder before her execution date and maeets some friends in the meantime.  It’s a book that doesn’t take itself too seriously and I adored it!

Spoiler-free Thoughts:
I’m going to be honest, this book was exactly what I was looking for.  Something with a fun plot that had me guessing.  While it was dealing with some serious topics it wasn’t a book that took itself too seriously, and by that I mean that the book knew it should be fun and really leaned into that.  There are a lot of moments that leaned into the premise and played around wiht some tropes.  This book did make me feel anxious about how much Wren was snooping around, and I wasn’t necessarily the biggest fan of the quasi-insta love between Wren and one of the male characters, but literally nothing could have made me happier than the end of this book.  I unabashadly love a court scene that goes the way I hope it will go.  Wren is a smart cookies (see what I did there) and it was a lot of fun to watch her do her stuff!

Characters:  Wren was an intersting character becuase she was a person who shouldn’t trust as much as she does, and yet she is willing to trust people.  She also does a lot of research – and I mean a lot of research.  I don’t always understand those people who are alway willing to put themselves in harms way to solve a mystery but with Wren I did understand it.  Plus you have Lucas, the investigator on the case, Hale her quasi-bro who sort of adopts her to make her guild life more tolerable, same with Sable.  As well as a whole host of people you where you can’t quite tell if they’re evil or not.

Plot: God, the plot.  I so enjoyed the plot.  Wren has been accused of the murder of the head of the confectioners guild after he conveniently dies after eating one of her cupcakes.  Lucas vouches for her so the investigation continues.  Wren learns a little more about the baking magic from Hale and investigates who the real murderer could be witha  combination of Lucas and Hale… Wren sleuths around (and honestly it seems like the police force there is pretty shitty considering…) and works to solve the crime.

Writing Style: I don’t exactly have anything to add here.

What to pair it with: Uhhhhh obviously a dessert wine.  Seriously grab whatever baked good you prefer, sit down with something sweet like a Port and go to town.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

COMMENT DOWN BELOW:  This hasn’t come out but it’s a bop of the book.  If you’re looking for a fun read, let me know!

Enjoy a drink and Enjoy a book,


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