Behind the Bar: Spritzers Edition

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Hi Everyone, it’s Ginny here.

While white wine tends to be my default drink, I have had a healthy amount of spritzers and therefore have OPINIONS!

Smirnoff Ice:

Okay, I know Smirnoff Ice is famous for icing. And most people consider it a punishment to have to chug one, but I still think it’s a legitimately fine (not good, but fine) drink when it’s cold. If you’re drinking it warm because your friends hid it in your suitcase while you were at the beach, or you were the unlucky asshole who found it in the shower after it had been running for long enough for it to get warm… I’m sorry).

Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn: The cover of this is incredibly bright and it can fall into romance category which a number of people dismiss. But this book is a shit ton of fun. The plot moves and I absolutely whizzed through this. Basically, you want to sit down and finish this all in one go (like a Smirnoff Ice) and it ends up being pretty darn tasty, the right amount of kick with the right amount of sweet.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade:

Ah the entry level drink of choice for people who don’t want their alcohol to taste like alcohol.  I remember when I first started drinking these I thought the taste of alcohol was too strong… HAHAHAHAHA. Now these are sickeningly sweet, but kind of awesome for if you’re at a BBQ or some sort of outdoor party and want to drink your dessert.

The Confectioner’s Guild by Claire Luana: This book follows someone who bakes her magic into confections. She’s new to the guild and has to learn about what life is like in the guild including all of the guild politics. Twas a fun murder mystery combined with baking magic. I mean, this one is pretty loosely matched. It’s just about sweet things (baked goods) and was a fun mystery.

Hard Seltzer:

This continues on in the spirit of a drink for someone who doesn’t want to taste their alcohol. At the same point this drink is incredibly light and easy, both to get and to drink.

Can’t Escape Love by Alyssa Cole: This novella is in Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals series which I love with my whole heart and soul. This book is short (and most seltzers seem to be drunk quickly) has two great main character (not super relevant to the seltzer) with a lot of character (I guess this could be relevant), but most importantly it leaves you floating just a little bit off the ground at the end. You won’t be drunk, but you’ll get that little burst of happiness that working your ways towards tipsy might bring.

The spritzer category is pretty light but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy reading/drinking!

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