#TheReadingQuest TBR!

Hello fellow booziebookers!

I’ve decided to join in on #TheReadinQuest!! The quest will take place between Sunday 13th August to Sunday 10th September, 2017. 

This quest was created by @readatmidnight and I am so excited to join! You can find the original post here

Here are the characters you can choose from:


And the quest board:


I’m going to be a Mage =) and I am not cool enough to know how to edit the cute little score card thing they have. That might be a task for when I’m bored another day. For now, my points will be tallied below.

EXP: 10
HP:  10


  • A book with a one word title: 
    by Scott Reintgen

    I picked up an ARC of this one up at BookCon this year and have heard nothing but good things about it. Very excited to get to this and review it for you all!
  • A book that contains magic:
    Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
    It’s about time I finish up this duology. My precious children have been left almost quite literally hanging for too long. This is the final book in the Six of Crows duology.
  • A book based on mythology: so this one was hard because I wasn’t sure, but I saw it on someone else’s TBR so I’m counting it.
    Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana
    I got this in my PageHabit box this month and its annotated and its pretty and I cannot wait to read it. Literally cannot.
  • A book set in a different world:
    Age of Swords
    by Michael J. Sullivan
    It just came out and I’ve read literally all of the Riyria books and I love his world and writing and story arcs and I can’t. Just cant.
  • The first book in a series: so I have two answers for this because my TBR is a little ambitious right now. I am not sure I’ll have time for another full novel.
    Paper Girls, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughn -OR-
    Frostblood by Elly Blake
    Both are exciting, but I’d really like to get through Frostblood

Anywho, I am not sure if I’ll get to any side quests but I will keep this post updated as I go along. I might even add some book covers to make this post prettier but for now I wanted to get something down.

A huge thank you to CW of Read, Think, Ponder. She is the amazing artist behind all of the character illustration you’ll see within this post. You can find her on InstagramTwitter, and her stunning blog! Please go give her all your love, because I cannot think of anyone more deserving of unadulterated adoration! Stolen directly from aentee’s post

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: Will you be joining us? What’s on your TBR??

I am very excited for #TheReadingQuest and I hope you all join me!

Until next time, I remain forever drunkenly yours,


6 thoughts on “#TheReadingQuest TBR!

  1. Yessss, I’ve seen this readathon all over twitter and I think it is so clever! I’m already participating in 2 other reading challenges this month, but I’m seriously thinking about joining this one, too. If I do join, I’m definitely going to be a mage as well. I hope you love the books (Nyxia is on my list for this month too)!


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