Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

Okay guys, debate night number 2 and i am HEATED. Cannot even begin to describe it.

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly (Waterfire Saga #1)

What i drank prior: So…. i went wine tasting at a winery nearby with my mama and then…. debates and so somewhere near 3 bottles of wine since noon. its now 11:30pm. sooooo yeah.

Spoiler free overview:
So this is a book about mermaids. Can we talk about the cover? Please???? Which is pretty friggin cool i suppose. though this story was like, a normal YA book but underwater. Some chick is like, boutta be the crown princess and shit goes down and then she’s gotta go find some place to save the sea. There are supposed to be 6 of ’em. her bff is one of them. and they’re basically chased all through the sea to find this place so they can be a team and shit.

Spoiler free thoughts:
Alrighty, so i read this book really fast.

Plot: I was looking for something quick and easy and this was it. the main character Sera is a teenager and man is she a teenager. boy troubles et. al. however, what i liked about this book was while there was a boy, he wasn’t on her mind all the time. i was pleasantly satisfied with that. more on that in the character section. but the plot was fast paced and easy to read. At some points though i kinda just wanted them to be safe ya know? but all in all i was cool with it.

Characters: So we’ve talked about the main character Sera, but the bff Neela. I swear to god if she talked about candy one more time i was going to barf. Lastly, the demon, its named after like… actual lore which is fine except i’ve read a lot about that demon and it seemed unoriginal.

World building: Dude, this book was so funny with the world building. The money was called currensea… CLEVER. Everything was swimming not walking etc. But still, it was neat. the cultures from the different oceans or seas mimiced the cultures of their terra counterparst. so like, the indian ocean had saris and stuff like that. pretty cool.

Rating: 3/5 shots. It wasn’t bad, but not so good either. Very predictable.

What to pair it with: a good white wine. i just feel like its a white wine kinda book.

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