DRUNK REVIEW: The Story King (The Sunlit Lands #3) by Matt Mikalatos

The Story King (The Sunlit Lands #3) by Matt Mikalatos

Reviewed by Sam!

What I drank prior: Parker wanted to drink so we drank and i am over a bottle of wine in…

Goodreads Overview:

In the third and final installment in the Sunlit Lands series, the magic of the Sunlit Lands has been reset, but that doesn’t mean all is well. Unrest and discord are growing by the day, and Hanali is positioning himself as ruler of the Sunlit Lands. But, in order for Hanali to seize control, there must be a sacrifice, one that very few are willing to make. Jason, Shula, Baileya, and others must work together to save the lives of those Hanali would sacrifice for his own gain.

Drunk Overview: this is the third book in the series. So, Jason and Darius are trying to figure out how to deal with a Sunlit Land that has had its magic basically hit refresh. Hamburger wants to basically expel all the humans which would cause lots of issues and if we can’t expel them then kill them and its really not great so… things ensue.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: this wasn’t the greatest installment of the series, but it was still awesome.

Characters: so like… there are a lot and we’re gonna catch ‘em all

  • Jason: my bae. He’s got a bae named Baelyea which I think is HYSTERICAL. Does he go through it, yes.
  • Darius: Just trying to figure out what to do from here. All he wants is to figure out what’s up and to get back to the sunlit lands and boy does he do his best.
  • Listen, i want to talk about the rest of the characters but i can’t really remember what happened… let me try again
  • Baylea (idk how to spell it): she’s literally the best
  • Hamburger: literally the worst
  • Hamburger’s cousin: she’s awesome… she had a lot to process and did so well and changed her behavior and acknowledged her wrong doings and all around a stand up person.

Plot: so ok… I feel like the only point of this plot is the discovery of who the sunlit land natives are and how they deal with that news and what to do with it. Unfortunately, that’s all it was. I did appreciate the humor and I do like this series a lot, but the plot of this one was unfortunately…. Forgettable.

Writing Style: I still cackle.

What to pair it with: Dirty Shirley

Rating: 3/5 shots

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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